Alicia Silverstone Reveals She Sleeps Next to Her 11-Year-Old Son

by Samantha Whidden

Although her son Bear Blu is close to entering his teenage years, “Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone says she still sleeps next to her 11-year-old child. 

During a recent appearance on The Ellen Fisher Podcast, Alicia Silverstone joked she’s likely going to be in trouble with mommy-shamers for her “following nature” approach to parenting. “Bear and I still sleep together. If you were in any kind of wild setting where there are wild animals. If you put your baby over there, your baby is going to get eaten. So it’s not ideal for the baby to be over there.”

Alicia Silverstone also said she really doesn’t care about the mommy-shamers and calls herself a “natural mama” as well as a “loving mama” by focusing on communication and ditching TV from her home. 

“I believe in love, I believe in nature,” Alicia Silverstone continued about the criticism she is bound to receive. “And our society is scared of nature and scared of love. The things I’m doing I’m not inventing, I didn’t invent any of it. I would love to take credit for all of it but it’s not me unfortunately, it’s just me following nature.” 

Silverstone went on to add that she’s wanting to do what is the healthiest for her son at every turn. “So every choice I make is either built on instinct or deep research.”

The actress previously sparked controversy when she revealed 10 years ago that she fed her son by pre-chewing his food and passing the food from her mouth to his. She also said she rarely used diapers while potty-training her at six-months-old. She refuses to raise her voice at him as well. Silverstone shares Bear Blu with her former husband, Christopher Jarecki, to who she was married from 2005 to 2018. 

Alicia Silverstone Said She Watched Her Son’s ‘Cues’ When It Came to Potty Training Him 

Meanwhile, Alicia Silverstone reflected on how she potty trained her son. She revealed that she would focus on his “cues” to go to the bathroom. “It’s so awesome, it’s so easy. When I was done feeding him, he would go to the bathroom in the toilet. When he woke up from a nap, he went to the bathroom.”

Alicia Silverstone also explained that at one point she had to watch her son while he was naked to look for cues. “The cues part for me was really fun because I thought that he was flirting with me because he would do this little smile. That’s when he had to pee.”

Alicia Silverstone then spoke about how her ex-husband reacted to her approach to parenting. “He loved it,” Silverstone claimed. “He was like ‘this works!’”

In regards to disciplining, Alicia Silverstone stated she’s never had a need to raise her voice. “I never yell at him and I say sorry a lot.”