‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson’s Girlfriend Shares Cryptic Instagram Post

by Shelby Scott

American Idol‘s season 20 champion Noah Thompson has seen massive success in the country music industry over the last few months, making his debut appearance at CMA Fest in Nashville in June and later announcing the release of his cover of the hit Rihanna single “Stay” earlier this month. Amid his rise to fame though, Thompson is also fording rumors about his and his girlfriend, Angel Dixon’s, breakup. Now, despite the American Idol star’s efforts to shut down the rumors, fans believe the breakup might just be true, with Dixon sharing a cryptic post about “dark moments” on Instagram. See the photos below.

Photos show Dixon facing away from the camera, topless wearing just a pair of blue jeans and a suede hat. However, she added vivid color to the photos with a bouquet of bright daisies on display in the back of her pants.

She captioned the photos, “flowers grow out of dark moments.”

Fans took to the comments to share their support for the American Idol star’s girlfriend.

“I just wanna say I know your now in the eyes of the public but the way you handled yourself as a mom and a person during the whole idol experience[,] u carried yourself with such elegance.”

As per Good Housekeeping, Angel Dixon is not only Noah Thompson’s girlfriend, but she’s also the mother to their son Walker. The same follower concluded, “give yourself a pat on the back your stronger then you know!”

Another of Dixon’s followers, reflecting on the couple’s rumored breakup, commented, “Life is so hard & sometimes things just don’t work out. Very sorry, dear one.”

According to the outlet, rumors of the break-up arose after Thompson reportedly began dating American Idol‘s season 20 runner-up, HunterGirl, or Hunter Wolkonowski.

Noah Thompson Speaks Out About Rumored Relationship with ‘American Idol’s HunterGirl

Until American Idol winner Noah Thompson physically shuts down rumors about his breakup with Angel Dixon, social media will continue having a field day with the tale. However, when it comes to fellow American Idol star and best friend HunterGirl, he has confirmed that they are simply best friends.

Rumors about the American Idol finalists’ romantic relationship began circulating several weeks ago after Thompson shared a video of himself and Wolkonowski messing around on TikTok. He captioned the June 11th clip, “I really don’t know what’s wrong with us.”

Additionally, the outlet states HunterGirl shared a video to her own page, which features Thompson parading around in her boots and falling over.

Truthfully, neither of the videos relay any romantic undertones. However, nevertheless, American Idol fans began questioning Thompson afterward, asking where Dixon and his son Walker have been. Simultaneously, other Noah Thompson fans began defending the singer, arguing the dynamic duo simply have a close friendship after their shared experience on Idol.