‘American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest Reveals How He Feels About Having Kids

by Megan Molseed

Ever since Ryan Seacrest came onto the scene as the host of American Idol, one of the most popular singing shows on TV he has remained one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. Even as Seacrest developed some long-term relationships while he remained in the limelight, Seacrest remained a well-known hopeless romantic. So, it’s probably inevitable that he is often asked when he will settle down and get married. Or, more specifically, when he plans to start having kids.

Even as the Live With Kelly and Ryan host is starting a new relationship with model Aubrey Paige, the question comes up. People from interviewers to cohosts, or even costars are all wondering what Seacrest and his significant other are planning for the future. And, as he had done before, Seacrest is quick to say that marriage…and kids simply aren’t part of his focus at this point.

Ryan Seacrest Gives His Thoughts On Marriage And Children

During a discussion with Live with Kelly and Ryan guest host and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, Ryan Seacrest offered up his own thoughts on the topic of marriage and children. His statement was a simple one…why push something if he’s already happy?

“I’m happy,” the host tells Lisa Rinna.

“I’m happy in the present moment,” Seacrest continues.

“I don’t think about anything else,” he adds. “Why push it?”

Ryan Seacrest Says Kids Are Never Off The Table…It Just Needs To Be The Right Time

Ryan Seacrest and model Aubrey Paige certainly seem to be in a good place relationship-wise. And, it’s clear that the American Idol host is in no hurry to rush anything along too quickly. However, Lisa Rinna wasn’t sure if Seacrest knows what he could be giving up if he takes his time with these big steps. Especially, the host says, when it comes to having children.

However, the Live With Kelly and Ryan host stood firm with his stance on family, doubling down on his resolve to take all of these steps slowly. Especially as he enters this new relationship with Aubrey Paige.

“I think having kids at the right time would be great,” Ryan Seacrest tells Lisa Rinna during the revealing conversation.

Seacrest adds that he has “a fantastic family.” The Live host continues by noting that it is also a “very small family.”

“I have a niece, [my sister] Meredith has a daughter,” Ryan Seacrest explains.

“My parents have been married 52 and a half years, so that’s a high bar,” he adds. “So that’s in my head.”