‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Why Is Andy Griffith’s Gravesite Private?

by Taylor Cunningham

Sorry, classic TV buffs. If you ever visit Roanoke Island, NC, with the hopes of seeing the gravesite of Andy Griffith, you’re out of luck. His burial site is private—just like everything else surrounding his death.

After passing on July 3, 2012, the actor was moved to his final resting place at his East Coast island estate. And the family does not allow fans to enter the property to pay their respects.

Every other The Andy Griffith Show star who has passed is buried in a public place. And to this day, people go out of their way to stop and lay flowers over icons such as Frances Bavier and Don Knotts. But they sadly have to skip seeing the show’s headlining star.

The reason that the Griffith family chose to keep him away from the public isn’t clear. However, most people speculate that it had something to do with Andy being a highly private person. While he had a certain flair for the cameras, he kept his personal life on lockdown. So, it’s likely that he truly wanted to rest in peace—completely away from the crowds.

To give him a private resting place, Andy Griffith’s widow, Cindi Knight, even demolished the home that once stood on the property. Andy purchased it back in the 1950s. And at one point, he told friends that he’d like it to become a museum one day. But that idea went by the wayside. And perhaps it was to keep visitors away from the grave.

However, another Andy Griffith museum popped up in Mount Airy, NC. Inside lives the largest collection of Andy Griffith memorabilia in the world. So the actor still got his wish, just with a few revisions.

Andy Griffith Was Buried Within Five Hours of his Death

Another strange and private fact about Andy Griffith’s death is that he was buried immediately after his passing.

In most cases, when a celebrity, or anyone for that matter, dies, friends and family gather for a funeral, viewing, or both. Or at the very least, someone will hold a memorial. But when Andy died, his family immediately ushered him to his private burial site and left the public out of it.

The Emmy nominated star passed 24 hours after having a heart attack at 86 years old. And he was buried five hours later. There is no known reason why the burial was rushed, but it is known that it was done at his family’s request.

Some fans have presumed that there was a religious reason behind the decision. And because he was such a private person, people simply didn’t know about his spiritual beliefs. Others assume that the actor didn’t want his death to be a major affair.

But either way, we’ll likely never know the truth behind the strange circumstances of Andy Griffith’s final resting place.