Why Andy Griffith’s High School Classmates Were Fascinated by His Relationship With His Girlfriend

by Taylor Cunningham

While The Andy Griffith Show reigned on network TV, fans swooned over Sherrif Taylor’s ability to be perfect in just about every way. He kept Mayberry so safe that the town never saw a true crime, he was a kind and considerate friend and neighbor, and he always knew how to be the ideal father.

Andy was also a picture-perfect boyfriend and husband to his classic TV sweetheart, Helen Crump. And as it turns out, Griffith learned how to play that part by being a swoon-worthy beau in high school.

In the 2015 book titled Andy and Don: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American TV Show, author Daniel De Visé gave some backstory into Griffith’s plight for stardom. And he noted that along the way, he found a true love that fellow classmates still gush about to this day.

Andy Griffith Shared a Three-Year Romance That His Classmates ‘Loved to Watch’

Apparently, the teenage Andy Griffith was always destined to be a star. But it took a special teacher to make him go for his goals. That teacher was Miss Haymore, someone that Griffith himself said was the kind of person  “they used to make movies about.”

The Andy Griffith Show star met the English teacher when he was a sophomore at Mount Airy High. And she convinced him to dive right into his dreams, which included both singing and acting.

“She got me to understand that I was really doing something pleasurable, not only for other people but for myself,” he explained, per the book.

Griffith went on to say that pursuing his passions—and realizing that he had a knack for them—gave him a new sense of confidence. Because of that, he was brave enough to go after his high school crush, Angie Marshall. And once he got her, the two forged an enviable romance.

A Mount Airy alum named Eleanor Powell confirmed the rumors for De Visé by saying that everyone, especially the underclassman, thought they were the ultimate couple.

“All the younger students loved to watch as he turned on the school water fountain for her,” she said.

There is no explanation of what tore the young couple apart in the end. But we assume it was a clear break. The actor ended up marrying his first of three wives about five years after his young romance ended. And Angie never made it back into his life.

But it’s clear that that formative relationship helped mold the idea of perfection that Andy brought to The Andy Griffith Show.