Anne Heche Began Working at 12 After Her Family Became Homeless

by Shelby Scott

53-year-old Hollywood star Anne Heche passed away on Friday following a fiery car crash at the beginning of the month. In the days since her death, fans have begun to learn the truth of the Another World star’s life away from the big screen. After her passing, many of her friends, family, and former coworkers insist she boasted a sunny disposition. However, further reading suggests she truly endured a rough childhood.

According to Newsweek, Anne Heche was forced to seek her first job at just 12 years old. It was then that she and her family were forced to leave their house, leaving them homeless. Per her words, Heche said that struggle is what set her on the path toward acting.

Per the outlet, Anne Heche’s first gig was in a dinner theater in New Jersey. There, she made just $100 a week. It was in 1981 that she first performed in a production of The Music Man located at the 76 House Dinner Theater in Swainton. Heche’s early income marked the equivalent of $326 U.S. today.

In speaking about those hardships and her first job, in particular, Anne Heche said, “I think everything in my childhood led me to being an actress.”

She added, “That’s how I made my break into the whole world of understanding that pretending could make you money.”

In addition to homelessness, Anne Heche also endured physical and mental trauma as a child. Two years after making her stage debut, the late actress would lose her father, who succumbed to AIDs-related illnesses.

Anne Heche’s Memoir Soars In Cost Following Her Death

Following the death of Anne Heche on Friday, August 12th, the actress’s memoir, Call Me Crazy, has skyrocketed in price.

Heche’s book title gets its name from rumors that have spread for years suggesting the actress was entirely unstable mentally. The memoir takes readers through Anne Heche’s experience as an actress, but it also dives further into personal life.

The Anne Heche memoir also give us insight into the late star’s early 2000s relationship with TV personality Ellen DeGeneres. Heche also directly addresses the claims about her craziness, admitting that, at one point, she believed herself the reincarnation of God.

“[I]t’s a crazy life,” Heche wrote in the memoir.

Call Me Crazy was published over a decade ago in 2001 and it has since been taken out of print. Following the actress’s death, however, it’s now been deemed a collectible and the new status has shot the price for the publication skyward.

Previously priced at a rather hefty $200, the book has now risen in price to as high as $749 per copy. Other retailers have begun selling the Anne Heche memoir for $300+ and $400+. Prices skyrocketed over the weekend after Anne Heche was taken off life support.