Anne Heche Car Crash: Fans Weigh in on Concerning Health Update

by Chris Piner

At first, there wasn’t much information surrounding why actress Anne Heche decided to drive her blue Mini Cooper at an alarming speed through a small residential area in Los Angeles, California. Not only did the actress speed through the area full of pedestrians, Heche eventually crashed into a home, causing her car to burst into flames. Again, the news shocked fans and friends while the LAPD investigated the incident. Although still unresponsive, police obtained blood from Heche, revealing no alcohol in the star’s system at the time of the crash. But the report did find something else… cocaine and possibly fentanyl. 

Giving an update on the investigation, LAPD Officer Jeff Lee told CNN they believed the incident to be a DUI. “Her blood showed signs of impairment”. The officer admitted to the incident escalating to a “felony traffic collision” after the report.

Another LAPD officer, Annie Hernandez, added that more testing would rule out any substance given to her by the hospital. “The blood draw results showed a presence of narcotics but additional testing is required to rule out any substances that were administered in the hospital.”

Fans Weigh In On Anne Heche’s Condition

Releasing a statement on the condition of Anne Heche, her spokesperson wrote, “She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention.” 

With the news about Anne Heche under the control of cocaine and maybe fentanyl, fans of the actress shared their thoughts on Twitter. Quendrith Johnson recalled a time she met Heche and the gift she gave her. “Knew it wasn’t alcohol bc she cautioned me (not a drinker) at Hollywood Roosevelt party on Martinis. gave her my necklace that night bc matched her outfit, #AnneHeche from the night to remember, and #prayers she makes it. (already donated to homeowner, ps.) One bad day is 4ever.”

One user suggested not prosecuting Anne Heche due to her medical condition. “It be would cruel to prosecute Anne Heche.  Renter has her life & plenty of money now to replace belongings. Owner will eventually recoup monies for loss of home.  Heche probably won’t live, and if she does, her injuries will be punishment enough for her bad choice.”

Bystander Recalls Speaking To Actress As Car Burst Into Flames

At the time of the crash, a nearby neighbor, David Manpearl, explained interacting with Anne Heche while she sat in the car as it burned. “I tried speaking with her a few times asking if she was ok but she wasn’t responding so I had to get closer. I was able to open the back door of the car and crawled half-way inside. This time when I asked her if she was ok, she said no. The fire just got bigger and bigger while she was sitting there stuck in the car. The flames were licking the ceiling of the car and just closing in on her.”