Anne Heche Car Crash Home Owner Speaks Out, Thanks Supporters for Raising Over $150K

by Tia Bailey

Soap opera actress Anne Heche passed away this week due to the injuries she sustained in a car crash. Heche had crashed into a home, sending both her car and the home up in flames. The homeowner whose house was damaged spoke out, thanking supporters for raising money.

Heche was seen speeding through a residential neighborhood before crashing first into an apartment building. She then drove off and eventually crashed into a house. She was in critical condition following the crash. Heche was eventually in a coma due to the burns she had sustained when the car and house caught fire.

Heche passed away days later. The LAPD was investigating the accident to see if Heche was intoxicated or on drugs at the time. However, following her death, they announced that they were no longer pursuing the investigation. They released a statement about the decision to PEOPLE, saying: “As of today, there will be no further investigative efforts made in this case. Any information or records that have been requested prior to this turn of events will still be collected as they arrive as a matter of formalities and included in the overall case. When a person suspected of a crime expires, we do not present for filing consideration.”

People Raise Money for Woman Whose House Caught Fire Following Car Crash

People were concerned for Lynne Mishele, whose house was crashed into. They worried she would not be compensated if there was no investigation. Luckily, people have raised over $150K for Mishele.

She posted a video on Instagram about the experience. She said: “The news of Anne Heche passing is devastating. Her family and her friends and her children, especially, really have suffered a great loss, and my heart goes out for them. This entire situation is just tragic and there really are just no words. I’m sending love to everyone involved.

“It’s obviously been the most insane, traumatic time, confusing, so eventually I will try to get back to everybody and read everybody’s comments, but thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s really truly overwhelming. You guys have really impacted my life in a very profound way, so thank you so much to everybody and I will keep you updated.”

Mishele was luckily in her backyard at the time of the crash. She was also able to rescue her pets from the house, according to Deadline.

Heche’s family released a statement after the news of her passing. “We have lost a bright light, a kind and most joyful soul, a loving mother, and a loyal friend. Anne will be deeply missed but she lives on through her beautiful sons, her iconic body of work, and her passionate advocacy. Her bravery for always standing in her truth, spreading her message of love and acceptance, will continue to have a lasting impact.”