Anne Heche Car Crash: New Video Emerges From Scene of Wreck

by Shelby Scott

Since Anne Heche passed away last week, various footage has emerged showing the moments leading up to. her fatal crash. Some clips show just how fast the actress was speeding through Los Angeles. New footage though reveals just how embedded Anne Heche’s car was inside LA resident Lynne Mishele’s home after plowing through.

The opening moments of the video show the charred remains of Mishele’s former home. Viewers see firefighters wading through the wreckage to re-examine the crash. Mishele’s friend picks up a shoe, while listeners can just hear one of the firemen tell another first responder that the car traveled 23 feet inside of Mishele’s home.

According to TMZ, Mishele is lucky to be alive. Moments before Anne Heche came plowing into her home—reaching as much as 90 miles per hour—Mishele had just been standing in the room where the blaze ignited. Fortunately, the homeowner was in another room, one that didn’t catch fire as quickly as the rest of the residence.

Mishele did not sustain any major physical injuries afterward, as evidenced by a prior Instagram post. However, she is struggling with the mental impact of the wreck and the major loss she’s currently experiencing. Her attorney, Shawn Holley, has emphasized that following Anne Heche’s fiery crash, his client is not looking for any monetary gain as a victim. Rather, she’s only seeking help navigating major insurance claims.

In speaking with TMZ, Holley said, “I am only here to help Lynne go through the process of dealing with insurance companies so that she can start rebuilding her life. This was never about lawsuits or making money. She has lost everything and is so appreciative of all the love and support she has received.”

Anne Heche’s Ex Speaks Out About ‘Crazy’ Rumors

Anne Heche was a force to be reckoned with, with nearly 80 credits to her name. However, nonetheless, many people believed the late 53-year-old crazy. In the days following her death, Heche’s ex James Tupper has spoken out about the rumors, shutting them down in a recent post.

In beginning his post, Tupper revealed the questions he received most as an actor: “You worked with crazy Anne Heche?” and “So how crazy was she?”

Of his work with Anne Heche, Tupper began, “She elicited more curiosity than any other famous person I’ve ever worked with.” And while the public may believe Heche was crazy, Tupper insisted she was anything but.

“Anne was not only a genius, but one of the most astoundingly focused and prepared actors I’ve ever worked with,” he shared. Tupper further recalled days costarring with Anne Heche, working for 12 hours straight, having drinks with friends and coworkers for a few hours after, and then returning to do it all again in the extremely early hours of the morning.

Tupper further remembered, “Scene after scene, her work would be flawless, and yet always remained spontaneous. I don’t think she was capable of phoning it in.”

Addressing the crazy rumors, he admitted the only time he ever questioned her sanity was when she never failed to recite her lines correctly. He joked it’s a wonder “she didn’t have a psychotic break…because her strength seemed super human.”

Heche’s former costar Emily Bergyl also spoke out about the “crazy” rumors.