Anne Heche Dead at 53 Following Horrific Car Crash

by Megan Molseed

Actress Anne Heche has died at the age of 53 following her horrific car crash on Friday, August 5. The news comes less than a day after it was announced she would be removed from life support.

Speeding through a residential neighborhood at 90 MPH, Heche first hit an apartment complex garage. She then struck a nearby home minutes later, causing both the home and Heche’s car to catch fire.

Neighbors bravely attempted to remove her from the car before the flames enveloped her but were unable to do so. The actress’ Mini Cooper Clubman was so deep inside the home and so badly mangled that it took first responders more than half an hour to free her from the vehicle.

Heche was then transported to a hospital, where she remained intubated and in critical condition due to severe burns. After days of treatment, Anne Heche’s family reported that she was in stable condition and expected to “pull through” despite the horrific injuries. Sadly, however, she then slipped into a coma from which she never awoke.

“Shortly after the accident, Anne Heche became unconscious, slipping into a coma and is in critical condition,” a spokesperson said. “She had significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention.”

Authorities obtained a warrant to test the actress’s blood while she was hospitalized. While the results show Heche was not under the influence of alcohol, the tests do show levels of illegal substances which are likely cocaine and fentanyl. The final cause of the accident remains unknown.

Stars Pay Tribute After Anne Heche’s Tragic Crash

Shortly after Anne Heche was rescued from her burning vehicle in the Los Angeles neighborhood, the star slipped into a coma at the hospital. Since then, tributes to the actress have been taking over social media, honoring Heche for her legacy in Hollywood.

Rosie O’Donnell responded to the sad news on her TikTok after hearing that the actress would be taken off life support and is unlikely to survive her injuries. In the post, the former The View host posted the news of the heartbreaking update.

@rosie just so heartbreaking… #annehecheaccident ♬ Dreamy Vibes – Ocean Bay Jazz

O’Donnell spoke earlier about the tragic crash in another video shortly after the incident. In the comment, O’Donnell notes that she “can’t stop thinking about this Anne Heche accident and how horrifying the whole thing is.”

O’Donnell commented that she felt bad that she “made fun of her when she was talking to Barbara Walters about having a relationship with space aliens.”

Elsewhere, one of Heche’s former 13 Minutes costars, Peter Facinelli sent a message to the actress’s family and loved ones. In this touching message, Facinelli notes that he is “praying” for the actress and her “beautiful family.”

Heche’s ex-boyfriend, James Tupper also sent tributes to the actress. Sending a heartfelt message that offers Heche’s family his “thoughts and “prayers”. Tupper also includes a throwback pic of Heche with the couple’s son, Atlas.

James Tupper, dated Heche from 2007 until 2018 after meeting the actress while working on the series Men In Trees. Tupper ends his touching message by noting that Heche is “one of the true talents of her generation.”