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Anne Heche Final Autopsy Results Revealed

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Anne Heche’s final autopsy results revealed that the actress had cocaine in her system at the time of the car crash that ultimately killed her.

TMZ obtained the report that proves that the drug was in her bloodstream when police took blood samples. Authorities drew the blood just after she crashed her mini cooper into an LA home and caused a massive blaze that left her trapped for nearly an hour.

A urine test from the hospital also showed that the 53-year-old actress had fentanyl in her body. But police later determined that doctors gave her the drug to treat pain.

People have speculated that Anne Heche was drunk at the time as well because viral pictures showed her driving with what looked like a vodka bottle. However, the results did not detect any alcohol in her system.

Anne Heche Died One Week After the Car Crash

The deadly accident took place on August 5, 2022. After several witnesses watched the late actress erratically drive through a neighborhood, she crashed into an apartment building. The resulting fire made it difficult for first responders to reach the actress, and smoke inhalation severely damaged her lungs.

Time-stamped audio recordings released on Sept. 1 revealed that it took 20 minutes for firefighters to get to Heche’s vehicle and over 20 more to pull her to safety. In total, officials say she was stuck in the car for 45 minutes.

“Given the heavy fire and smoke conditions, it wasn’t that you could clearly see into the vehicle or clearly be able to access it,” LAFD Deputy Chief Richard Fields told NBC4.

In photos and video from the scene, Heche appeared to be conscious when EMS loaded her into an ambulance. And doctors believed she would survive her injuries. But she fell into a coma after being admitted to the hospital.

Anne Heche died one week later due to smoke inhalation and thermal injuries.

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