Anne Heche’s Podcast Co-Host Pens Emotional Tribute: ‘Fly Free, My Friend’

by Taylor Cunningham

Anne Heche’s friend and podcast co-host Heather Duffy is finally speaking out after losing Heche earlier this week.

“I had to take a moment to begin to process the profound loss of my beautiful friend with the kindest soul I’ve known,” she said of her delayed response to the tragedy.

In an emotional Instagram post, Duffy penned about her grief and deep respect for Heche. The two led the Better Together podcast since 2020. In the episodes, Duffy and Heche celebrated friendship and what people can accomplish as a team.

“Anne was joyful despite all the challenges that she faced in her life,” Duffy continued. “She was truthful despite being in a business that is make-believe. Spreading love and kindness in the world is what mattered most to her, even if, at times, the world did not give it back.”

Heather Duffy Praised Anne Heche’s ‘Bravery’ and ‘Sacrifice’ in the Late 1990s

Heather Duffy, a popular media personality, also praised her friend for her work in the LGBTQ+ community. She credited her efforts in the “late 90s” for worldwide equality progress today.

“So many do not know the bravery and the sacrifice it took for Anne to stand up for the right to love who you wanted,” she wrote. “…We have come a long way because of her truth, bravery, and kindness in that moment 25 years ago when she chose to bring a woman as her date to the premiere of Volcano.”

Anne Heche famously brought Ellen Degeneres to the red carpet movie premiere in 1997. The couple continued to openly date for three years before splitting. Heche then married Coleman Laffoon in 2001. And shortly after, Degeneres began her relationship with her now-wife, Portia De Rossi.

“I wish the media would have circled back at some point while she was with us to recognize how harshly they judged her in those moments when she took a stand for equality,” Duffy finished. “She was way ahead of us, and we are all just catching up. Fly free, my friend. This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.”

Heche passed away from injuries she sustained in a car accident on August 5th. While driving at speeds of around 90 mph, the actress crashed into an LA residence. As a result, her car and the home caught on fire. Due to the severity of the blaze, rescuers couldn’t reach Heche immediately, and the prolonged smoke exposure severely damaged her lungs. She also suffered a head trauma that caused her to slip into a coma.

Anne Heche was declared brain dead on Aug 12th. She remained on life support until August 15th as doctors searched for an organ match due to her wishes to be a donor.