Anne Heche’s Podcast Producer Pens Emotional Tribute After Her Death

by Joe Rutland

The podcast producer behind Better Together, which had Anne Heche as a host on it, speaks out after her death. According to an Instagram post from Ryan Tillotson, he is saying that Heche was “more than a beloved host.” In fact, Tillotson called Heche a “friend, collaborator, and a damn good actress ” Tillotson’s production company, Straw Hut Media, was behind Heche’s podcast. He added that Straw Hut Media “lost someone irreplaceable.” Heche died at 53 years old after being involved in a horrific car crash.

The actress sped through the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles after crashing into a garage at an apartment complex. She would then put her Mini Cooper in reverse, back out, and head down a neighborhood street. It was at this time that a security camera caught Heche’s car speeding at a rate reportedly between 90 and 95 mph. Anne Heche would crash into a home, setting it and her car on fire.

Anne Heche Producer Remembers Her ‘Commitment’ To Those She Loved

In the caption to a photo of Heche behind a microphone, Tillotson wrote according to ET Online that, “Anne added life to every room she entered with her tremendous energy and welcoming presence. I will remember her most for her big heart, her commitment to the people she loved, and the fearless way she fought for what she believed in. Better Together wasn’t just a podcast, it was a belief system. She believed the best way to grow and improve yourself was to talk openly and share stories. We’re committed to continuing her legacy in that way.” He added that it is “surreal” that he will not see her weekly at all.  

Additionally, there were some comments about Heche’s condition on a podcast. The podcast was released on the same day as her accident. And, word was getting around that it was also recorded that same day. Tillotson set the record straight in a statement he made to Entertainment Tonight. “The episode was recorded on the Tuesday before the episode was released, and has been removed due to inaccurate reporting,” he said. “Any reports that she recorded that episode on the day of the accident are false.”

Meanwhile, back in 2017, Anne Heche revealed how she would want to be remembered. “Oh, lord…Hopefully that I made my children happy…gave them a life they love,” she said. Heche is the mother of two boys, Homer and Atlas. Her comments here are from a premiere for her movie The Last Word with Amanda Seyfried and Shirley MacLaine. Anne Heche not only starred in that movie but also others such as Donnie Brasco, Six Days Seven Nights, and 13 Minutes.