Anne Heche Reportedly Has ‘Long Recovery Ahead’ Following Serious Car Crash

by Taylor Cunningham

Anne Heche has a “long recovery ahead” following her car crash that left her vehicle engulfed in flames.

“Anne is in the ICU,” a source close to the actress told CNN on Saturday. “She’s lucky to be alive. She has severe burns and has a long recovery ahead. Her team and her family are still trying to process what led up to the crash.”

On August 5th, Heche was driving through a Los Angeles neighborhood at a high rate of speed when she veered off the road and crashed into a home, according to LAPD officer Jeff Lee.

Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics took the 53-year-old to the hospital in critical condition. And the remaining 59 firefighters spent over an hour attempting to “access, confine and fully extinguish the stubborn flames within the heavily damaged structure,” said the LAFD.

An eyewitness shared that first responders had to take extreme measures to save Anne Heche’s life.

“The house was tons of smoke,” they told NBC LA. “I think they used the crane to move the car to extract the driver. It was crazy.”

No one else was injured in the accident.

A Local Resident Attempted to Pull Anne Heche From the Car

Though the owner was inside when Anne Heche collided with the home, a neighbor, David Manpearl, helped her and her three pets evacuate before the fire spread from the car.

“At about 10:50 am, I heard a car go speeding by. And [I] looked out my window where I saw the car going about 90 miles an hour,” Manpearl told the Daily Mail. “Within seconds, I heard a loud crash, at which point I ran outside in my flip-flops because I knew someone was hurt. And boy was I right.”

Manpearl also attempted to pull Heche from the car. But he was unable to rescue her before the flame became too dangerous.

Due to her condition, officers have yet to question the actress about the accident. However, officials say that they are still investigating the scene. Additionally, police are investigating a prior “misdemeanor hit and run” incident involving Heche, according to an LAPD spokesperson.

The actress’s former boyfriend Thomas Jane told the Daily Mail that doctors expect Anne Heche to survive her injuries. Jane also sent Heche well-wishes before adding that she is “one of the true talents of her generation.”

“My heart goes out to Anne and her two sons,” he said. “As of right now, Anne is stable and expected to pull through. My thoughts and prayers are with Anne… Thank God no one else was hurt.”