Anne Heche Reportedly in ‘Extremely Critical Condition’ After Severe Car Crash

by Joe Rutland

Initial reports on the health of actress Anne Heche following her crash were serious, but indicated she was stable. Her representative is painting a different picture. Deadline reported that a rep for Heche is now saying that the actress is in “extreme critical condition.” The actress was involved in a major auto crash in a Los Angeles neighborhood late last week.

“At this time Anne is in extreme critical condition she has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention,” according to a statement from the rep. “She is in a coma and has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident.” This statement differed from one that came out on Saturday from Heche’s publicist. That person stated that Heche was “in stable condition.”

Multiple Firefighters Involved In Pulling Anne Heche From Her Car

Now, there are additional details regarding the crash. Reportedly, 59 firefighters were involved in fighting the fire. It was something that not only affected her car but the house in which the Emmy-nominated actress crashed into on Friday. Those firefighters fought the blaze for 65 minutes. After that, Anne Heche was safely pulled out of the car. At the time, the actress could reportedly communicate. Yet she would lose consciousness soon after as Heche was headed toward the hospital.

A number of other reports have circulated about this wreck. Some photos shared online showed what appeared to be a vodka bottle in her front seat area. Heche also did get involved in a crash at an apartment complex before this major one. After that minor accident, Heche reportedly put her car in reverse and headed down the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Police Open Up Investigation Into Possible DUI

Another report has had a podcast, which was released on Friday, has Heche slurring her speech. Deadline sources indicate to the outlet that the podcast happened to have been recorded on Tuesday. Los Angeles police have reportedly gotten a warrant for a blood test. They are investigating the incident for a possible DUI.

No matter how these investigations and tests turn out, the actress will have a lot of recovery time ahead of her. The speed by which she roared through the neighborhood in Los Angeles might point toward 90 or 95 mph. While we are not sure of this, Heche is definitely going to be unavailable for acting work anytime soon. Fans have seen her work not only in movies but in TV shows, too. In fact, the actress received a Daytime Emmy Award for her work in the NBC soap opera Another World. Heche is the mother of two young children.