Anne Heche’s Best Friend Speaks Out About Podcast That Aired on Same Day as Crash

by Samantha Whidden

As more details continue to emerge about Anne Heche’s activities prior to her horrific car crash last week, the actress’ best friend speaks out about the podcast that aired on the same day of the accident

While speaking to Fox News, Anne Heche’s best friend Heather Duffy clarified when the “Better Together” podcast was taped with the actress days before the crash. Duffy also said that she didn’t Heche on the same day as the accident. When asked if Heche would pull through, Duffy reassured the media outlet that the actress will be just fine.

As previously reported, Anne Heche was going 90 mph through a Mar Vista neighborhood when she lost control and crashed her car into a home. The incident started a fire and destroyed the home in a little over an hour. Luckily, the tenant at the house was able to escape without any real injuries. But her belongs perished in the blaze. Prior to the crash, Heche ran into a garage of an apartment complex nearby. She reversed and drove away from the scene. LAPD is currently investigating the situation and planning to charge the actress with DUI as well as hit and run. 

However, Anne Heche’s condition at the hospital has somewhat taken a turn. While initial reports stated that she was in stable condition. But it’s been revealed by reps that the actress remains in a coma. She is now in extreme critical condition. The rep went on to add that Heche has not regained consciousness since shortly after the crash. 

Salon Owner Describes Anne Heche As Being ‘Very Pleasant’ Before the Car Crash 

Richard Glass, owner of Glass Hair Design in Venice, California, spoke to The Los Angeles Times about his interaction with Anne Heche right before the car crash.  He confirmed that the salon is roughly two miles from the crash site and Heche wasn’t “speaking in cursive” (i.e. intoxicated) at the time of her visit. 

Glass further recalled Anne Heche asking him about a bright blue wig in his salon. When he told her it was currently unavailable, he said the actress decided to buy a red wig instead. The salon owner also admitted that he didn’t recognize the actress until he rang her up. He snapped some selfies with her and posted them on Instagram. 

The salon owner further shared that Anne Heche acted like “a sweet little girl” who was “very pleasant,” but called their meeting very random and so strange. He added that Heche grabbed his face during their interaction and wondered if he had done her hair before. Glass said while he didn’t work on her hair prior to the interaction, he offered to work with her in the future.