Anne Heche’s Comments About America’s ‘Victim’ Culture Resurface After Her Death

by Chris Piner

The massive success of podcasts caused an online gold rush as celebrities flooded the market with their own shows, discussing hot topics around the world. But before the podcasting craze, author Bret Ellis, the man behind American Psycho, talked to actors, musicians, and directors in his own podcast dating back to 2013. For the last decade, Ellis discussed life with Judd Apatow, Kevin Smith, Kanye West, and even Marilyn Manson. But recently, Ellis dug into his archives to dust off a 2016 interview with the late actress, Anne Heche. With Heche passing away after crashing her car into a house, causing a fire, Ellis seemed to remember the star by showcasing her thoughts on a society based on victimhood. 

Back in 2016, the day that Americans flooded polling stations to vote between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Anne Heche sat down with Bret Ellis, admitting, “Everything we do, we offend somebody. I don’t even know where you’re supposed to go to express yourself in a way that somebody isn’t going to use it against you.”

Anne Heche Talks Victimhood In Society

Bret Ellis coasted off of Anne Heche’s statement, asking her “How do you respond to this notion of what seems to be a kind of hypocrisy going on the culture—total equality yet total protection from any kind of adversity? Is that equality, is this freedom?” 

Weighing the question, Anne Heche responded, “I think I’ve had a lot of the same questions too. Who isn’t a victim right now? I mean, really, who isn’t put upon? It’s unbelievable to me.” She continued with her thought, “Why has our culture evolved into everywhere we go, we’re stepping on eggshells?”

According to Anne Heche, it wasn’t just her either. “You look at the eyes of other people, and they’re doing the same. They’re doing it. You’re like, ‘Oh my God’. No wonder people are looking at their phones all the time, because they cannot deal with the fact that they can’t be a human being.”

Dating Ellen DeGeneres

Known for starring alongside Harrison Ford in Six Days, Seven Nights, Anne Heche recalled her career tanking after publicly dating Ellen DeGeneres. “Why is it impossible for us to be able to say who we love and then have our jobs? Why is progress going backwards? What are we doing to each other?” She added later, “I didn’t do a studio picture for 10 years.”

Although Anne Heche dated Ellen, when they two broke up, she warned Portia de Rossi about the talk show icon. “I realized that Ellen drove a Porsche … and then she married one. All she used to do was drive Porsches and she collected them, and I just thought it was so stupid because they were so loud.”