Anne Heche’s Estate Sued for $2M by Woman Who Lost Home in Fatal Crash

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Nearly three months after Anne Heche’s death, the actress’ estate is now being sued by the woman whose home was destroyed in the devastating August 5th crash

According to PEOPLE, the house’s resident Lynne Mishele’s attorneys filed documents against Anne Heche’s estate in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County on November 9th. Mishele is now seeking at least $2 million in damages for negligence, infliction of emotional stress, and trespass.

At the time of Anne Heche’s crash, Michele, who was renting the home from John and Jennifer Durand, was working from home when she was “stunned by the dramatic force” of the actress’ vehicle crashing through the house’s front wall. The car drove through the living room, kitchen, home office, and primary closet. It eventually settled into the laundry/storage room. 

Court documents further reveal that the front end of the vehicle came just feet away from Mishele and her pets. “By God’s grace, Plaintiff and her three pets barely escaped physical impact from the car crash,” the documents read. It was also noted that Mishele was terrified and severely traumatized. She was also without a place to live as a result of the crash. 

“She was only wearing sweatpants and a tanktop, and did not even have shoes on,” the documents continued. “As a result of the deadly incident caused by Heche, the home and all of Plaintiff’s personal property were completely burned and destroyed, including an entire lifetime of possessions, pictures and mementos, all her business papers and equipment, her laptop and iPad, all of her clothing, basic necessities, and household items.”’

Lynne Mishele Is Unable to Sleep & Battles Acute Anxiety Following Anne Heche’s Car Crash

Documents from Lynn Mishele’s attorney also disclosed that Mishele has been struggling mentally following Anne Heche’s car crash. 

“Plaintiff has been unable to sleep and is battling acute anxiety and depression,” the documents reveal. “She has also been unable to operate her home business because of her physical displacement and fragile mental health caused by Defendants’ irresponsible behavior. She has received counseling, but remains traumatized by Defendants’ actions.”

Meanwhile, John and Jennifer Durand launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the loss of Mishele’s belongings. Originally seeking $100,000, the campaign has raised more than $180,000 from 4,400 donations. It took 59 firefighters to extinguish the home within 65 minutes. The house was tagged by the Los Angeles Fire Department. This meant that Mishele was forced to leave the home. 

“Even more distressing is that Lynne lost her entire lifetime of possessions, mementos, all equipment for her business,” the campaign reads. “Including her laptop and iPad, all of her clothing and basic necessities, and all household items. With firefighters’ help, she was able to pull a few damaged sentimental belongings from the wreckage. Everything else is gone.”