Arnold Schwarzenegger Commemorates ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ Anniversary With Epic Photo

by Chris Piner

When looking at the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, there are plenty of examples of success. From his time as a professional bodybuilder to his leap to the big screen, no matter what venture the star pursued, he seemed to crush it. One of his most memorable roles came thanks to famed director James Cameron. Before films like Titanic and Avatar, Cameron picked Schwarzenegger as the T-800 cyborg in Terminator. That role alone led to an entire franchise still playing out today. Although Terminator was the original film, the second installment Terminator 2: Judgment Day is considered a fan favorite. And with August 29 being a significant date in the franchise, the star decided to honor the moment with a throwback photo.

For those who might not know, August 29 marks the exact date that Skynet went online and took over the world. While not the best day for humans, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a picture on his Twitter account, showing him sitting in the makeup chair as artists prepared him for a scene. The actor and former governor wrote, “Happy Judgment Day…”

Once playing a cyborg looking to destroy humans, Arnold Schwarzenegger eventually changed his programming in the sequel Judgment Day, becoming the antihero of the entire franchise which made over $3 billion.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks The Importance Of Kindness

Discussing his life in Hollywood which spanned over five decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to always remembering the advice his father gave him. “My dad always said ‘Be useful, Arnold.’ When I was young, I listened, but it didn’t mean as much as it means now. 75 years of life has taught me that it means everything. Once I realized that I got more joy from training Special Olympics athletes than raising trophies and enjoyed hanging out with kids at after-school programs more than walking red carpets, it all clicked. Being useful gives all of us purpose.”

While Arnold Schwarzenegger might not be the kindest person on screen, he explained the power behind such an act. “I want us to realize that real power comes from kindness. Every day, I see examples on the internet of people saying things to other people that they would never, ever say to a live human being. Social media was supposed to bring us all together. That definitely didn’t happen. It’s easy to blame Facebook and Twitter, but it is harder to look into a mirror. An algorithm might show you things that bring out the worst in you, but it can’t actually bring out the worst without your participation. There’s a moment when you can choose how you react, and too many of us blow right through that brief time with our thumbs hammering away to dunk on our imagined enemies.”