Arnold Schwarzenegger Has One Simple Condition Regarding His Kids’ Future Careers

by Taylor Cunningham

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s kids may think they have big shoes to fill as they helm their own careers. But the body-building megastar doesn’t expect them to push themselves to be celebrities of his caliber. He simply wants them to be happy.

As Arnold shared in a 2015 interview with Howard Stern, he only has one rule when it comes to what his five kids—Katherine, Christina, Patrick, Christopher, and Joesph—do with their lives.

“I don’t care if they’re a plumber, if they’re a writer or if they’re a teacher, whatever they want to do, as long as they’re passionate,” he said.

In Arnold’s career, he has amassed a $450 million fortune by modeling, acting, and serving as the governor of California. So it may seem that the Alister is driven to succeed at all costs. But apparently, he’s only followed paths that he’s truly loved.

And it seems that his kids have done the same. Seven years after chatting with Stern, his children are grown with lives of their own. And they’re proving to be just as happy in their choices as their father.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Kids Are Grown with Careers of Their Own

Arnold’s eldest child, Katherine (32), is a published author, animal rights activist, and mother of two. She and her husband, Chris Pratt, welcomed their second daughter, Eloise, in May. And their first child, Lyla celebrated her second birthday this month.

Christina (31), began working with Gwenyth Paltrow’s company Goop after graduating from Georgetown University. But more recently, she has moved into Hollywood like her dad. However, she’s working on the other side of the camera as a producer. In 2018, she served as the executive producer of Netflix’s Take Your Pills. The documentary highlights the overprescribing of Adderall and other stimulants.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick (28) is following in his dad’s passions by building a strong acting and modeling career. Though, his screen-side ambitions have become the forefront of his work. He’s starred in movies such as Grown Ups 2, Midnight Sun, and Moxie. He also plays in the hit mini-series The Staircase. And, he worked alongside his brother-in-law in The Terminal List.

Christopher (23) graduated from the University of Michigan in 2020. Out of all of the Schwarzenegger siblings, he has opted to stay out of the limelight. He has opted for a private career and does not have social media accounts.

And lastly, Joseph Baena (23), the only child that Arnold does not share with his ex-wife Maria Schriver, is also making a life similar to his dad. Joseph is both a professional bodybuilder and actor. He has appeared in several movies and series since breaking into Hollywood. But his most notable to date is this year’s film Chariot, which also stars John Malkovich and Thomas Mann.