Austin Butler’s ‘Elvis’ Portrayal Is Getting Blasted Online

by Taylor Cunningham

Elvis Presley’s family has given Austin Butler heaps of praise for his portrayal of The King of Rock, and fans are wondering why.

On June 10th, a 10-second clip from the Baz Luhrmann biopic hit TikTok, and it immediately went viral. But not because people thought the actor did a stand-up impression of Elvis. It went viral because fans of the icon thought the short monologue sucked.

In the clip, the actor is giving what looks to be an interview. And he says, “Ya know, back when I was starting out, some people wanted to put me in jail, even kill me for the way I was moving.”

Butler says the words in Elvis’ signature southern voice and carries himself with the singer’s slightly hunched and almost rhythmic mannerisms. In all honestly, there really isn’t much content shown to gauge his performance, though. However, many people saw just enough to form a negative opinion.

Some people couldn’t get past the fact that Butler doesn’t look like The King and others thought his accent missed the mark. Others simply put it out there that simply failed to portray Elvis Presley—in a big way.

“I’m sorry I just don’t see him as Elvis, I see Austin Butler with black hair,” one person commented on the post.

 “From all the Elvis impersonators. I mean Vegas! They got him?” another added.

Elvis Presley’s Family Has a Different Opinion on the Matter

The comments are a stark juxtaposition of what Lisa-Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley, and Riley Keough have said of Butler’s performance. And they go against the critics’ “fresh” tomato score of 77%.

Keough went on the record saying that Butler did a “remarkable” job singing all of his own vocals.

“He was able to do is just so beautiful[y],” she gushed.

Elvis’ only child, Lisa-Marie also made a rare Instagram post raving about the performance as well. And she even added that if Austin Butler “doesn’t get an Oscar for this,” she will “eat her own foot.”

“I have seen Baz Luhrmann’s movie Elvis twice now, and let me tell you that it is nothing short of spectacular.
Absolutely exquisite,” she wrote. “Austin Butler channeled and embodied my father’s heart and soul beautifully. In my humble opinion, his performance is unprecedented and FINALLY done accurately and respectfully.”

The movie doesn’t hit theaters until June 24th. So, we won’t know whose opinion is more accurate until that day. However, it’s only fair to note that fans only saw a few seconds of Butler’s Elvis chops. And the Presleys saw every second. So, we won’t give up hope just yet.