Ben Stiller Names His Favorite Film of His ‘Seinfeld’ Star Father’s Career

by Emily Morgan

There’s no bigger fan of the late Jerry Stiller, known for his work on “Seinfeld,” than his son, Ben Stiller. Both of his parents, who have sadly passed away, were accomplished actors and left behind an incredible body of work. Ben may no longer have them around, yet he can still watch their shows and movies.

During a recent episode of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Cohen asked Stiller if he had a favorite project featuring his parents, either together or separately.

“I think for my dad, I think I’d probably say The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, the movie,” he said, referring to the 1974 Walter Matthau drama about a train that gets taken hostage.

“Just because it’s a great movie. And he’s really funny in it. It’s a cool role and he was a good actor and he didn’t do a lot of roles like that,” he added about his late father’s role as Lieutenant Rico Patrone.

As for his mother, Stiller referenced a classic film that he loves the most. “I think my mom, just acting-wise, the movie Fame. She plays the mean English teacher,” he said about her role as Mrs. Sherwood in the 1980 musical film. “She’s really good in that movie, too. And then, of course, together they did so much.”

Tragically, Jerry passed away in 2020, nearly five years after the death of his wife and Stiller’s mother. The couple were married for over 60 years. Together, they starred in their own live act, “Stiller & Meara,” in the ’60s. 

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During the interview, Stiller also revealed a new project in the works. According to the Zoolander actor, his next body of work will be all about his parents. “I’m actually working on a documentary about them,” he told Cohen. 

 The 56-year-old has definitely filled the big shoes his parents left behind. From starring in slapstick comedies to solemn dramas, Stiller has become one of the most prominent actors in the world. 

When one caller asked him which of his movies was more likely to be made, he hinted at two contenders. He referenced either a fourth Meet the Parents or a third Zoolander. However, he had a tough time nailing down an answer.  “I would probably say, if either, and there’s no real plans for either, would probably be (a) fourth ‘Fockers,’ I think,” Stiller said, referring to another installment of Meet the Parents.

The original laugh-out-loud comedy debuted in 2000 and was followed by Meet the Fockers in 2004 and Little Fockers in 2010. The cult classic Zoolander was released in 2001 and birthed a subsequent sequel in 2016.