Bette Midler Declares the Fourth of July Has Been ‘Canceled’

by Taylor Cunningham

While most people are currently grilling hot dogs and preparing for a night of fireworks this Fourth of July, Bette Midler is at home boycotting all patriotic celebrations.

Since the recent Roe V. Wade ruling, The Hocus Pocus actress has been vocal about her stance on abortion rights. Because of that, she has a message for her fans. And she shared it loud and clear on her Twitter page.

“4th of July has been canceled due to a shortage of independence,” she proclaimed.

In her comments, people veered heavily in both political directions. Some cheered her words by writing that they too will be sitting out the holiday, while others spoke against Midler by arguing that she is missing the point of Independence Day and she should recognize her freedom to speak so fervently.

Bette Midler Expresses More Anger Over the June 24th SCOTUS Ruling

On June 24th, the Supreme Court overturned the 1973 decision that ruled that women have a constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy. By doing so, the court gave states the power to decide if and how abortions can be carried out.

On the day that the ruling was announced, Bette Midler quickly hit social media to express her shock.

In her first post, the 76-year-old wrote “They did it. THEY DID IT TO US! #SCOTUS has overturned #RoevWade, enshrined in the Constitution as settled law for over 50 years.”

“How dare they? This #SCOTUS is absolutely tone-deaf to the will and even the actual needs of the American people. #WakeUpAmerica,” she added.

Midler has also taken aim at Justice Clarence Thomas, whom she branded an “a**hole” and Justice Samuel Alito, whom she refers to as a “villain.”

And more recently, the actress took the matter a step further by sharing how she believes the ruling should progress. In a now-deleted tweet, Midler shared that it’s “time to ban Viagra. Because if pregnancy is ‘God’s will’, then so is your limp d—.”

Other celebrities have joined Better Midler to share their thoughts on the ruling as well. Comedian and actress Wanda Sykes is one such person who has gone public by telling The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that “It just sucks man, it really does…It’s like the country, it is no longer a democracy, right?”

Meanwhile, conservative voices have also been vocal about their opposition to pro-abortion outcries. As radio host Tony Katz wrote on Twitter after watching Sykes on Colbert, “The elitists want the Midwest to grow their food and shut their mouths. Wanda Sykes doesn’t see Midwesterners as people, as Americans. She sees them as “stuff,” like her property.”