Bob Saget Tribute Special Released on Netflix: How To Watch

by Alex Falls

The new tribute to the late comedian went live on Netflix on June 10. The streaming giant is the only place where fans of the heartfelt yet vulgar stand-up stylings of Bob Saget can find “Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Special.”

Saget died unexpectedly in January 2022. Saget’s closest friends and family members came together for a private funeral service on Jan. 14. Afterward, they held a more public memorial at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, one of Saget’s favorite spots to perform. This memorial is available now to subscribers on Netflix.

The special is kicked off by Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo. She addressed the crowd to reinforce why everyone was there that evening and the passion Saget had for the comedy business.

“He would just think about how he loved being a part of this. And the most important thing to him was belonging to this club, to this group, to being a comedian and he just loved funny people, he loved being around them,” Rizzo said. “He loved everything about it.”

Rizzo has dealt with major grief since the unexpected passing of her husband. However, she took to the stage to remind Saget’s friends and fans that this gathering is exactly what Bob lived for.

“He is so honored right now. He would love this,” Rizzo said. “I know he’s looking down and he’s so happy. I’m just so grateful, the girls and I, we’re all so grateful for all of you who have always shown up for him and supported him. Most importantly, made him laugh and loved him all these years, because Bob deserved all of the love in the world. And I loved him more than anything so thank you all very much.”

Remembering Bob Saget for the Love and the Laughs

In an interview with Today, Rizzo went into detail about what it was like to face the world in the wake of her husband’s death. His stand-up style might have been rough around the edges, but Rizzo said he was full of love throughout his career.

“Anyone he met and even spent any time with at all, he told them he loved them endlessly and tirelessly. And that was his entire message,” Rizzo said. “If you knew Bob, and he loved you, you knew it. There was never, ever a doubt in your mind.”

The special features a huge lineup of comedy greats who came to honor their friend. Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, and Jeff Ross all take the stage to pay tribute to Saget and his memory. Other notable guests include John Stamos, Seth Green, and Michael Keaton. Plus Dave Coulier, Tim Allen, Paul Rodriguez, Jon Lovitz, Saget’s daughters Lara and Aubrey, and many more.

Saget’s memorial honors don’t end with the Netflix tribute special. Saget is set to be posthumously awarded a special honor at the Critics Choice Real TV Awards. Rizzo will accept the honor on behalf of her late husband. Saget’s Full House co-star and close friend, John Stamos will present.