Brad Pitt Wore a Skirt to ‘Bullet Train’ Premiere: PHOTO

by Chris Piner

Although 58 years old, actor Brad Pitt continues to prove himself a top star in Hollywood as his new action Bullet Train is set to premiere this Friday. As with any leading actor, Pitt has spent the last few months traveling around the world, promoting the film. Just last month, the star found himself in Berlin for yet another premiere. And with each show, there is always a selection of wardrobes. But instead of going casual or sporting a new tux, Pitt decided to change it up a little bit and sport a brown linen skirt. 

It wasn’t long after Brad Pitt walked the red carpet that cameras started to explode with flashes. Every camera fixated on the A-lister actor and his wardrobe. Not explaining himself, Pitt enjoyed the premiere while sharing the moment with cast members. On Monday, at the movie’s opening in Los Angeles, California, the star opened up a little about his decision, telling Variety, “I don’t know! We’re all going to die, so let’s mess it up.”

The Breeze. The Breeze

When Brad Pitt first sported the skirt, in Germany, the temperatures soared to the mid-90s. When asked at the time, he joked, “The breeze. The breeze.” 

Brad Pitt received a plethora of support from fans with one writing, “Just when you think Brad Pitts [sic] couldn’t get sexier, he wears a skirt.” Another one added, “All the dinosaurs aghast today at Brad Pitt in a skirt. I freaking love it, personally!”

As for the film, Bullet Train revolves around five assassins who find themselves on the same train traveling from Tokyo to Morioka. With only a few stops between the two destinations, the assassins quickly realize that their contracts might have more in common than they initially believed. 

Brad Pitt Talks About Filming Bullet Train

While fans will have to wait just a few more days, Brad Pitt recently sat down with Collider and spoke about how the entire film was filmed on the Sony Culver City soundstage. “It’s like shooting the old films, like a Hitchcock film with rear projection, but this is with the latest technology. And it was in the heart of lockdown. So, we’re not going to Tokyo. So, what they did was we had several train cars, three train cars, that they could redress and swap around. And these video walls. This was what was so amazing. These, they were like 20 feet tall and a football field long. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. But they’d be flashing the trip from Tokyo to Kyoto. So, you really felt like there was movement. We actually had some of the crew who would get motion sickness from it. I thought it was fantastic.”

With Director David Leitch and Cinematographer Jonathan Sela behind Bullet Train, the film is predicted to have a great run at the box office.