Bradley Cooper Lands Frank Bullitt Role in New Movie Based on Steve McQueen Classic

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

One of the most iconic roles Steve McQueen played was Frank Bullitt and now we’re getting a new movie with Bradley Cooper. Sadly, this will not include McQueen as he’s now passed. But when you can get Steven Spielberg and Cooper together, then that’s pretty much a winning hand. Cooper, according to Deadline, has got a deal together to portray the character in a new, original Bullitt movie.

This deal is reportedly set for being done at Warner Bros. Cooper also will have a producer’s role in the movie along with Spielberg. Go ahead and add Kristie Macosko Krieger as a producer, too. She has been working on the movie Maestro. Josh Singer reportedly will write the movie’s script. But there is involvement from two people in the McQueen family in this movie. Chad, Steve McQueen’s son, and Steve’s granddaughter Molly McQueen will be executive producers for the new flick.

If you are looking for a remake of Bullitt to pop up, then you’ll be disappointed. This movie will revolve around a new idea for Frank Bullitt on the big screen. In the original movie, Frank is a San Francisco police officer who is trying to nab a mob kingpin that had his witness killed. One of the movie world’s most famous car-chase scenes happened in the original flick. The movie remains in development, Deadline reports.

Bradley Cooper Is Working On ‘Maestro’ Right Now

Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper and Spielberg have been talking about the movie and character for a period of time. In fact, reportedly they have been chatting it up from when the pandemic hit the United States. The two moviemakers have been looking for ways to work together. One time, Spielberg almost directed Cooper in American Sniper. Ultimately, Spielberg stepped aside and Clint Eastwood would direct the film.

As for Maestro, Spielberg was developing it for years. He almost directed the movie himself. After Spielberg was seriously touched by Cooper in A Star Is Born, he believed Cooper could direct it, too. Spielberg is a producer of Maestro along with Macosko Krieger, Martin Scorsese, Fred Berner, and Amy Durning.

Right now, Cooper is working on post-production efforts on Maestro. Cooper co-wrote, directed, produced, and stars in the movie with Carey Mulligan. Look for the movie to be out on Netflix in 2023. Cooper has 9 Oscar nominations for being an actor and producer. Cooper is an actor/director who can mix critical acclaim with box-office success. He is repped by Range Media Partners. Getting back to Steve McQueen for a minute. He also achieved success on TV in the show Wanted: Dead or Alive. You can see reruns of that show on a PlutoTV channel these days.