‘Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Looks Unrecognizable at Celebrity Softball Game With Long Bushy Beard: PHOTOS

by Sean Griffin

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston looked very different last night at the MLB Celebrity All-Star Game.

Fans aren’t typically used to seeing Cranston like this. He’s either clean-shaven, with a full goatee as his iconic character, or with a nice trimmed beard. However, fans haven’t yet seen him unleash his full beard. And they were ready for it.

Cranston’s new look is akin to David Letterman’s new style. Perhaps older entertainers will start wearing bushy beards as a sign of their elder status.

Michael J. Duarte posted a tweet at batting practice before the game. During it, Anthony Ramos slammed a ball that hit pitcher Bryan Cranston square in the chest. Cranston fell to his knees before getting back up with the help of Guillermo and Ramos. “Are you all right?” Ramos asked Cranston, checking on the 66-year-old. 

Bryan Cranston’s Big Night

Then, during the game, Bryan Cranston made more waves. He pretended to get heated with an umpire after he called the actor out. Cranston claims the strike should have been a ball. The commentators took the star’s side, saying “there is no way that’s a strike.”

“It was inside!” he yelled, kicking dirt on the umpire in faux rage. 

Fans loved seeing Cranston’s larger-than-life personality on full display. “He is all of us,” one fan tweeted.

“HE ACTUALLY THREW THE BUCKET OF GUM AT THE UMPIRE I’M CRYING,” another account wrote. They attached a video of Cranston jokingly launching pieces of gum at an umpire.

One user added, “that ump better tread lightly.” Clearly, Cranston had the time of his life on Saturday night.

Cranston headed back later said, “It’s definitely going to bruise. I might be more of a cheerleader in this game.”

Bryan Cranston’s Los Angeles team eventually lost to Brooklyn 15-13. Former San Francisco Giants star Hunter Pence hit two home runs for the NY team. The LA crowd repeatedly booed him.

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is Tuesday at Dodger Stadium.

However, other than celebrity baseball games, Cranston’s been keeping busy in other ways. Cranston and Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul announced the release of their new liquor, Dos Hombres, in July 2019.

He also stars in and executive produces Showtime series Your Honor. The show, adapted from an Israeli TV series, premiered in December 2020. Showtime ordered a second season, which will be its last season.

He also reprised his iconic role of Walter White recently. In the last season of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, Cranston makes a cameo appearance.