Bruce Willis’ Final Role: Here’s Everything to Know About His Upcoming Movie, ‘Paradise City’

by Shelby Scott

Bruce Willis, 67, is most widely known for his role in the “Die Hard” films as well as other popular hits like “Pulp Fiction” and “Armageddon.” However, several months ago, he revealed his struggle with a degenerative brain condition called aphasia. Already, the condition has begun to affect his cognitive abilities. As such, the longtime actor revealed he would soon be stepping away from acting. That said, Bruce Willis will be starring in one last film, “Paradise City.” And now, we’re here to share with you everything we know about the actor’s final role.

Bruce Willis may plan on retirement, but his legacy will likely live on long after. According to ScreenRant, the Hollywood icon has a total of seven films releasing this year; three more are currently in production. The outlet further noted that “Paradise City” is Bruce Willis’s perfect final role as it practically brings his career full circle.

As Bruce Willis fans know, the actor frequently plays “quippy, tough-guy” roles. Based on the outlet’s description of the upcoming film, “Paradise City” perfectly fits the bill.

Ryan Swan, Bruce Willis’s last character, is a man bent on revenge. Deadline described the brand new film, set in Hawaii, as “similar to ‘Miami Vice,” another Bruce Willis film, “but with bounty hunters instead of cops.”

“Paradise City” follows Bruce Willis’s character as he hunts down the crime lord that killed his father.

‘Paradise City’ Sees Bruce Willis Reunite with Former Costar

Willis’s role as Ryan Swan sees the actor return to the kind of character he loves best. However, it’s not just his penchant for roughnecks and rogues that see his career come full circle. In addition, the outlet reported he’d be starring in “Paradise City” alongside a long-ago costar, “Grease” icon John Travolta.

Travolta and Willis’s first film together was a success. Although it didn’t give the actors a lot of time together onscreen. They were first cast together for the 1989 film “Look Who’s Talking.” However, because Willis’s role was in a voiceover capacity, the two stars didn’t get the chance to bond so closely.

Instead, it was the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film “Pulp Fiction” that truly drew the actors together. The cult classic saw Bruce Willis as Butch Coolidge and John Travolta as Vincent Vega. “Paradise City” marks the first time the two actors will appear on-screen together since “Pulp Fiction” nearly 30 years ago.

Additionally, the outlet states “Paradise City” comes on the heels of several Bruce Willis film failures. “Paradise City” is written by Corey Large, whose hopes to put Bruce Willis and John Travolta back on screen together have remained unsuccessful until now. Large’s involvement in the star’s final film comes following the multiple non-successes he formerly participated in alongside the longtime actor.