Bruce Willis Receives Support From ‘Moonlighting’ Costar Cybill Shepherd After Aphasia Diagnosis

by Megan Molseed

In 1985 Bruce Willis became a major face for primetime TV, as did his Moonlighting costar, Cybill Shepherd. The series was a major success, becoming an audience favorite for nearly five years. And now, Cybill Shepherd is sending a loving message to her former primetime television costar after news of the actor’s aphasia diagnosis has led to Willis’s retirement from acting.

“I just have to say one thing about Bruce,” Shepherd tells Extra in a recent interview. “No one else was ever considered for the part when he walked in the room.”

Cybill Shepherd Remembers What Created the On-Screen Chemistry She And Bruce Willis Found In Moonlighting

In the popular 1980s dramedy series, Bruce Willis portrays David Addison and Cybill Shepherd plays Maddie Hayes. Both Willis’s Addison and Shepherd’s Hayes work as detectives for Blue Moon Investigations. Additionally, the on-screen chemistry between the two actors has made them one of the most memorable primetime television couples.

“My temperature went up 10 degrees,” Cybill Shepherd remembers of the on-screen magic she and Bruce Willis shared.

“That meant two things to me,” the actress adds. “One, I was very attracted to him. Two, I would never act on it.”

Shocking News From The Willis Family

Earlier this year, news that Bruce Willis is stepping away from acting. This shocking announcement comes after Willis’s diagnosis of aphasia, a degenerative brain condition called aphasia hit social media. Willis’s eldest daughter, Rumer made the announcement on her personal Instagram page in March.

In the touching Insta post, the daughter of Willis and actress Demi Moore shares her father’s struggles. Noting that this disease is impacting Willis’s “cognitive abilities.”

“To Bruce’s amazing supporters, as a family we wanted to share that our beloved Bruce has been experiencing some health issues,” Rumer Willis shares in the post. Rumer goes on to note that her father “has recently been diagnosed with aphasia.”

“As a result of this and with much consideration Bruce is stepping away from the career that has meant so much to him,” Rumer adds in her message.

“This is a really challenging time for our family,” the post continues.

“And we are so appreciative of your continued love compassion and support,” Rumer Willis adds.

“We are moving through this as a strong family unit, and wanted to bring his fans in because we know how much he means to you, as you do to him,” she says. To close her touching message, Rumer quotes her father, stating “As Bruce always says, ‘Live it up’ and together we plan to do just that.”