Bruce Willis Returns to ‘Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza After 34 Years

by Megan Molseed

Acting legend Bruce Willis may be stepping away from the business after a diagnosis of aphasia. But that isn’t stopping the legendary actor from appreciating some of his most iconic moments in film. 34 years ago, Bruce Willis made movie history, starring as the iconic John McClane in the 1988 box office smash Die Hard.

Now, Bruce Willis returns to the scene of the unforgettable action, visiting the building where all the original Die Hard action took place, Los Angeles’s Nakatomi Plaza. The building is also known as Los Angeles’s Fox Plaza. Thankfully, fans are able to enjoy this incredible moment. Bruce Willis’s wife model Emma Hemming Willis shares the actor’s blast-from-the-past on her Instagram this weekend.

The Instagram post is an unforgettable throwback to the 1988 cult-classic action film. And, from the moment the Insta clip begins, we are treated to one of the most memorable pieces of Die Hard. The performance of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, Orchestra’s Ode to Joy.

Acting Legend Bruce Willis Takes In The Sites At Historic Nakatomi Plaza

The weekend Instagram post features a clip where the actor’s wife films Willis taking in the sights during his blast-from-the-past moment standing on top of the famous Die Hard building. The clip then pulls away a bit, revealing the breathtaking view from atop the famous plaza.

Fans of the film, and the actor, are also treated to some Die Hard flashbacks. These come in the form of a clip montage from the iconic action film. All while Beethoven’s Ode to Joy from Symphony No. 9 plays over the video. Fans of the iconic action flick know well the importance of this piece in the Die Hard world!

It was a rare appearance by the 67-year-old actor. Earlier this year, Willis and his family revealed his recent aphasia diagnosis. Aphasia is a brain disorder that is impacting the actor’s cognitive abilities, Willis’s family says.

Stepping Away – Movie Star Bruce Willis Steps Away From Acting After Aphasia Diagnosis

Shortly after the diagnosis, Bruce Willis’s family including the star’s wife Emma and his daughters Rumer, 33, Scout, 30, and Tallulah, 28, Mabel Ray, 10, and Evelyn, eight shared a joint statement revealing the aphasia diagnosis. Willis’s ex-wife actress Demi Moore was also part of the moving social media statement.

In the March statement, the family reveals Willis is stepping away from acting as a result of the diagnosis. The statement notes that Willis”‘has been experiencing some health issues and has recently been diagnosed with aphasia, which is impacting his cognitive abilities.”