Bruce Willis Shows Off Impressive Music Skills in New Video Posted by His Wife

by Shelby Scott

Bruce Willis’s March aphasia diagnosis led him to step away from acting with his final role in the film Paradise City. But that doesn’t mean the veteran actor has given up on creative pursuits entirely. Aphasia, a degenerative brain condition, has made it increasingly difficult for Willis to partake in filmmaking. The condition especially affects the actor’s ability to memorize lines. However, a new video, shared on Instagram by the actor’s wife Emma Heming Willis, shows her famous husband jamming out on the harmonica in what looks to be an impromptu music session. See the awesome clip below.

Heming Willis captioned the video, “Their talent is speaking for itself. I’ll just leave this here.”

Fans, excited to see Bruce Willis returning to music, shared their love for the actor and musician in the comments.

“[S]o wonderful to see Bruce in his element,” one of the actor’s fans commented. “Music never leaves us.”

Another commented, “Long live the blues and long live Bruce! Excellent jam gents!”

A multitude of Bruce Willis fans shared their joy at seeing him on their timeline. Many were happy to see him immersing himself in music after permanently stepping away from the big screen. Gracious followers thanked the Die Hard icon’s wife for sharing regular photo and video updates of her husband.

“Thank you for these photo updates,” a final fan added. “They are uplifting and very appreciated.”

Bruce Willis’s Aphasia Diagnosis Significantly Raises Awareness About Condition

While any kind of degenerative disorder or condition comes as bad news, the single positive outcome of Bruce Willis’s aphasia diagnosis is that awareness regarding the condition has increased significantly. As such, those everyday individuals struggling with the same diagnosis can expect further attention regarding their own physical and mental struggles.

Per this American Entertainment article, many Americans admitted that Bruce Willis’s aphasia diagnosis, which impacts a person’s ability to speak and comprehend words, marks the first time they’ve heard of the condition. A survey from the National Aphasia Association several months ago reveals awareness regarding the condition has increased across the U.S. as a whole.

At the time of the survey, the National Aphasia Association reported a 65% level of awareness in the U.S. Compared to the 2020 survey which achieved just 14%, those statistics represent a majorly significant increase. In addition, the association recorded 40% of respondents were “aphasia aware.” This, again, is another significant increase from the 2020 survey at just 7%.

Further speaking to the impact Bruce Willis’s aphasia diagnosis has had on the public, the survey’s organizers said that about 1 in 5 people mentioned the 67-year-old actor when sharing their awareness regarding the diagnosis.