Bruce Willis Spotted in Public on Rare Outing With His Wife Following Aphasia Diagnosis

by Shelby Scott

Longtime Hollywood star Bruce Willis revealed several months ago that he had received diagnosis for a tragic condition called aphasia. In the end, it will, eventually, affect his ability to “speak, write, and understand language.”

It’s sadly put a pin in his acting career, with the Die Hard star’s final role featuring in the upcoming film, Paradise City. However, despite the difficulties the diagnosis has created for him professionally, Bruce Willis hasn’t let aphasia keep him from enjoying everyday life. Most recently, the actor went on a rare outing with his wife, with the couple even donning color-coordinating outfits. You can see the photos of the famous couple here.

However, it’s Willis’s wife’s support for her husband that truly has our attention. Before making their outing in Los Angeles on Friday, Willis’s wife, Emma Heming Willis, shared an emotional tribute to her iconic husband. In it, she praised him for his strength and endurance.

The actor’s partner took to Instagram with a clip of Bruce Willis singing lead with The Temptations. Afterward, she wrote, “My motto is don’t let the fear stop you,” less seriously writing, “Because fear constantly stops me.”

In speaking about her husband, she explained Bruce Willis’s fearlessness is another reason she fell for him. She further penned, “You can say what you want (and boy have they) but this guy has always been led by his passion and has never let naysayers stop him from, well, anything.”

According to PEOPLE magazine, Bruce Willis has appeared in public on multiple occasions following his aphasia diagnosis. Earlier photos capture him playing basketball and eating out with family and friends.

Bruce Willis Endured Professional Struggles Long Before Aphasia Diagnosis

Bruce Willis’s retirement has not been either voluntary or easy. After more than four decades in the business, it’s hard for the veteran actor to simply step away. However, per information from some of the star’s coworkers and colleagues, he really didn’t have much of a choice.

Ultimately, aphasia is actually the result of an underlying condition—typically a major head injury or stroke. Altogether, it complicates that person’s ability to speak, write, and understand language which is absolutely vital, especially as an actor. Bruce Willis’s coworkers and colleagues suspected something was amiss for a while. However, they don’t seem too upset or overwhelmed by the troubles he had in filming.

Ahead of his final film, Paradise City, some of the star’s crew members revealed that because aphasia affected him cognitively, they had to shorten many of his lines, making them easier to remember. One White Elephant crew member previously told the LA Times, “It was less of an annoyance and more like: ‘How do we not make Bruce look bad? Someone would give him a line and he didn’t understand what it meant. He was just being puppeted.”

Following the conclusion of White Elephant’s production, Director Jesse V. Johnson concluded they would not film another. Johnson instead said, “We are all Bruce Willis fans, and the arrangement felt wrong and ultimately a rather sad end to an incredible career.”