Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals She ‘Cried the Entire Plane Ride’ Home After Wrapping Final ‘Jurassic’ Movie

by Megan Molseed

In 2015, director Collin Trevorrow took the Jurassic Park franchise, redeveloping the already popular storylines for an entirely new generation. These films, of course, are the Jurassic World installments that have since taken the movie industry by storm. The original film brought us to an entirely new Jurassic kingdom starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard as a new park opened up with (supposedly) better safety guidelines. However, we all know things did not go as planned.

Since then, this new franchise has spawned two other feature films and multiple spin-offs. However, while the franchise is far from over, this last installment, Jurassic World: Dominion has ushered in a new era. These changes also mean leaving behind some familiar faces including Chris Pratt’s Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire, as a new group of players are set to continue the saga.

Bryce Dallas Howard Discusses The End Of This (Jurassic) Era

In a recent interview with People magazine, the 41-year-old actress remembers what it was like heading home after filming the most recent Jurassic World installment. It was a ride, the actress says, that was full of nonstop tears as she and costar BD Wong said goodbye to their characters.

“BD Wong and I flew back together and he apparently texted [director] Colin [Trevorrow] when he landed and he said, ‘Our leading lady cried the entire plane ride,’ which is true,” Bryce Dallas Howard relates.

“It’s very sad to say goodbye to something so wonderful,” the actress adds.

“But also, I’m very excited for the folks who will carry the Jurassic saga forward, you know?” Howard continues.

“It will be with a largely different cast and all of that,” the actress says. “That’s something that is to be celebrated.”

During the interview, Howard says that as a fan, she wants to see the franchise “moving forward.”

“I hope it comes to fruition, I really do,” she says, adding that while it is a sad ending for her, this is a wonderful thing overall.

“I’m so happy these movies have been successful for the studio,” the actress continues. Howard also notes that she adores the Jurassic World cast and crew. These are people that will be her “family for life,” Howard says.

Jurassic World: Dominion Brings Back Some Very Familiar Faces

In the most recent addition to the Jurassic World franchise, Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire and Chris Pratt’s Owen team up with members of the OG Jurassic Park crew, Laura Dern’s Ellie, Sam Neill’s Alan, and Jeff Goldblum’s, Ian. And they all connected right away. In fact, Howard notes, it was hard to say goodbye to everyone when filming wrapped up.

“We were such a mess,” Howard recalls.

“That’s one of the things that’s so cool about the behind-the-scenes footage that you get to watch on the Blu-Ray,” she adds. “Because it brought all of that back for me.”