Burt Reynolds Tried to Get a Country Music Career Off the Ground in the 1970s

by Joe Rutland

If you lived through the 1970s, then it would be hard to argue that Burt Reynolds was not the king of movies. Reynolds seemed to have one hit movie after another in the decade. Yet his movie career also had a little dabble into the music world for him, too. Hey, if you are the king and all that you touch turns into gold, then why not? Reynolds was making his mark in movies like Deliverance and Smokey and the Bandit throughout the years.

Turning back the clock a little bit, Reynolds would have another hit movie called White Lightning in 1973 after Deliverance came out. You could term this as one of his first “Southern” flicks. Well, this would lead him to look into recording a country music record. As we said, if you are the king, then just do your thing. During this time, Reynolds was both a frequent guest and guest host on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Burt Reynolds Gets Helping Hand From Bobby Goldsboro

In 1973, Reynolds released an album titled Ask Me What I Am. MeTV indicates that Reynolds would have a sky-blue leisure suit and white cowboy hat on the cover. Now, if you think this Western thing was a stretch for him, then you might need to brush up on your classic TV knowledge. Burt Reynolds actually had a turn on Gunsmoke as Quint Asper. Back to his music gig.

This recording would find Reynolds singing in a bit of a sweet, higher pitch. That is quite different than when he released a song in 1980 that was part of the Smokey and the Bandit 2 soundtrack. He was singing like his Bandit character. But in the title track to his album in 1973, he would sing, “Don’t ask me what I’m gonna be, Ask me what I am.”

There is another TV connection involved with his album. Does the name Bobby Goldsboro ring a bell? He had a hit song in 1968 with Honey. Goldsboro would go on and have his own TV show in syndication for some time. Well, Goldsboro would produce Reynolds’ album. Yet their collaboration was not done just yet. Back in the 1990s, Burt Reynolds had a popular sitcom titled Evening Shade. On there, it would be Goldsboro who would create the show’s score.

Sadly, Reynolds died in 2018. Oh, the stories that could be told about Burt, and probably have been by many people. Yet the fact that he could get a country music album done speaks to his star power. While there have been many stars to come along since his time, his magnetic personality is hard to duplicate.