Candace Cameron Bure Called Out Over Bruce Springsteen Song in Viral 4th of July Post

by Shelby Scott

Full House alum Candace Cameron Bure can’t go a day lately without getting slammed by one celebrity or another. Last week, the DJ Tanner actress caught flack after YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa labeled her the “rudest” celebrity. Now, after the 46-year-old star made a public apology to the 19-year-old dancer, she’s seeing more backlash. This time, Hilary Duff’s husband criticized the mother of three after she took to social media with a patriotic ensemble backed by Bruce Springsteen’s iconic “Born in the U.S.A.”

Over the 4th of July weekend, the former Hallmark icon posted on TikTik a seemingly innocent video showing her in a “God Bless America” T-shirt, a black ballcap that read “God is Good,” and a necklace and headband with bright red, white, and blue stars. She captioned the post, “Happy Fourth of July!” overlaying it with the Springsteen classic.

Now, though, weeks later, Duff’s husband Matthew Koma, criticized the Candace Cameron Bure for her post. His criticisms insinuate that the actress does not know or recognize the real significance of the patriotic song. In his own video Friday, which sees him side by side with Cameron Bure’s holiday get-up, the 35-year-old said, “Yeah that, the song that you’re playing? Yeah, it’s about veterans coming home from Vietnam and being treated like s—t…it’s not about the Fourth of July.”

Essentially, it seems Hilary Duff’s husband slammed the Fuller House star for her insensitivity regarding the Bruce Springsteen song’s significance.

Bruce Springsteen Speaks About Inspiration for ‘Born in the U.S.A.’

According to the Daily Mail, Springsteen himself has previously spoken out about the significance of the song. During a previous interview several decades ago, the 72-year-old music legend shared his inspiration for “Born in the U.S.A.”

Following its release, Springsteen said, “the country had veered to the right, and the Republicans at the time were basically attempting to co-opt anything American.” As such, he concluded, “Born in the U.S.A. was a song of rebellion.”

Later, during one of his appearances beside former President Barack Obama on the podcast Renegades: Born in the U.S.A., the outlet states Springsteen explained that the song’s lyrics explore the feelings of a fictional Vietnam veteran and how that veteran viewed his country following the war.

Candace Cameron Bure Makes Public Apology to JoJo Siwa

After JoJo Siwa deemed Cameron Bure rudest celebrity, the Full House actress looked into the claim, rather than fighting it. Messaging Siwa, she found out exactly why she earned that particular label.

Basically, when Siwa was 11 years old, she happened to be a big fan of Cameron Bure. Coincidentally, the two actually met at a past red carpet event. But while speaking with the Fuller House star amid the current debacle, the former Dance Moms star had asked Bure to take a photo with her. Rather than obliging the young dancer, Bure said, “Not right now.”

Truthfully it wouldn’t have been a big deal had the actress not already been taking photos with other individuals.

After their conversation, Candace Cameron Bure said she and JoJo Siwa are all “good.” But after experiencing the bad press, the Full House star said, “No matter how many followers you have…our words and our actions matter…we all influence the people around us.”