Candace Cameron Bure Remembers ‘Full House’ Costar Bob Saget on Late Actor’s Birthday

by Caitlin Berard

The start of the year should’ve been full of promise but was instead a seemingly never-ending stream of heartbreak. When Betty White passed away just before New Year’s, the world thought it couldn’t get any worse. A little over a week later, however, we lost yet another icon in Bob Saget, who died at the all-too-young age of 65.

The death of the beloved Full House star spurred grief around the world. None, however, were as deeply affected by the loss as his family. Now, Saget wasn’t related to any of the Tanner family in real life. However, the entire cast of Full House will attest to the fact that, through their eight years playing a fictional family, they became a real one.

Today marks what would have been Bob Saget’s 66th birthday, and his Full House family is experiencing a fresh wave of loss. In a recent Instagram post, Candace Cameron Bure, who played Bob Saget’s on-screen daughter, wrote a heartfelt tribute to her friend and mentor in celebration of his birthday.

“I miss you,” she wrote. “Do I still say happy birthday? I don’t know how this works, but I’m celebrating you today however badly my heart hurts.”

Candace Cameron Bure Remembers Bob Saget’s ‘Incredibly Powerful Gift’

Though Bob Saget was Candace Cameron Bure’s father in fiction, the pair shared a deep connection, reminiscent of a true father-daughter bond. In an interview with Fox News following Saget’s death, Candace described the incredible impact Bob Saget had on the world.

“He always carried his emotions right at the surface in the best of ways,” the actress explained. “He was so emotionally available. And he always let you know that he loved you. Every text, every phone call, every moment in person, he would give you the biggest hug.”

“And he always let you know how much he cared about you,” she continued. “That was such an incredibly powerful gift that he gave. We are all reminded of that, all of us who knew Bob, who received that love and those hugs from him. That’s what I want to carry on.”

It’s been a difficult road for the Full House cast since the passing of Bob Saget. Thankfully, however, they’ve had each other to lean on. “We’ve all been in really close contact,” Candace Cameron Bure explained to Entertainment Tonight. “From the week that he passed up into the funeral because we were all together every day practically 24 hours a day.”

“You know who your real friends are, and who your family is,” she continued. “And you know who shows up and it means a lot and you don’t want to let go of that. So having that contact with everyone – that’s been the most helpful part of it. None of us are alone in grieving him.”