Candace Cameron Bure Shows Off Fitness Skills in New Viral Challenge: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure isn’t about to turn down a viral challenge. And, the TV sitcom star is nailing the latest one in a recent Instagram post, showing off some spot-on fitness skills!

In one of her latest Insta posts, the star of Hallmark channel’s Aurora Teagarden mystery films shows off some impressive moves. Seamlessly setting herself up in a pose most of us can only dream of landing in. And, her efforts are absolutely flawless. However, the star says, her fans might want to see how she lands the challenge, too.

“I don’t even know what trend this is,” Candace Cameron Bure says in her Saturday evening Insta post, as she impresses her followers, nailing one of the latest online challenges.

“But give me a fitness challenge and I’m in,” the star continues in her message. The Full House star even adds some hilarious emojis in the post. The challenge is one few are brave enough to try. It, apparently makes a difficult move – or pose – easy enough for anyone to try.

Starting with her foot on the wall, the star twists to touch the ground with her hands. From there, Candace Cameron Bure pushes off with her foot that is touching the wall, eventually achieving an impressive handstand pose.

“Wanna know how I landed it?” the Full House star asks her Insta fans. “Watch my story.”

Candace Cameron Bure hit the big time in the 1980s and 1990s portraying DJ Tanner in the hit “TGIF” series Full HouseHowever, the actress notes that this fame did not shield her from bullies as she was growing up. In fact, Candace Cameron Bure has noted that her experiences with bullying throughout her childhood has helped her to become stronger.

During a 1989 interview, the then 13-year-old child star recounted her experiences to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, describing the times she dealt with bullying after classmates learned of her role on the popular TV series.

“I had some problems at school. Some kids would pull my hair and wrote bad stuff on my locker,” the actress notes in the early interview. However, the wise-beyond-her-years actress handled these issues with grace, noting that her experiences were different from that of her classmates.

“Because I’m in an adult world, I have a little older point of view of things than some of my friends,” the star recounts.

“Last year, it was kind of funny,” she recalls during her younger years. “Because my friends kept telling me, ‘You sound like my mom.’”