Carol Burnett Fans Were Concerned After Her Name Was Trending Because of ‘Saturday Night Live’

by Craig Garrett

Classic TV legend Carol Burnett gave generations of fans a scare when she began trending on Twitter on Monday. It turns out that the 89-year-old’s name was mentioned so many times on Twitter in response to a tweet from Saturday Night Live. SNL was asking fans who they want to host during the upcoming season. So many fans answered with Carol Burnett that she became a trending topic on the site.

However, some fans feared she had passed away due to her advanced age. Many Twitter users were relieved when they saw she was trending for the right reasons. “Carol Burnett was trending and y’all scared the hell outta me,” a Twitter user posted. “They just want her to host SNL. How in the world has this comedic genius not been given this platform.” Many echoed this sentiment.“Seeing Carol Burnett trending and it’s because people want her to host SNL. Shew. Was going to have a bit of a sad moment there,” another relieved user wrote.

She was a groundbreaking comedian, actress, and producer for women from 1967 to 1978 when she hosted The Carol Burnett Show, which paved the way for female comics. Burnett has won six Emmys, seven Golden Globe awards, a Tony, a Grammy, and even a Presidential Medal of Freedom in her illustrious career. However, she’s never performed on SNL during its nearly 50-year history. If she was to do so, at 89, she would be the oldest host in the show’s history. Betty White was a spry 88 when she hosted back in 2010.

Carol Burnett Recently Made Another High Profile TV Appearance

However, Carol Burnett is not hurting for tv gigs. The comedy icon recently appeared on the final few episodes of the critically acclaimed Better Call Saul. In a recent statement she said of being on Better Call Saul “I’m thrilled to be a part of my favorite show.”

Comedy fans were rewarded with another familiar face on Monday’s Better Call Saul. Jim O’Heir, who brilliantly played Jerry Gergich on Parks and Recreation, guest starred. Even though O’Heir shared no scenes with Carol Burnett, he was beyond excited to share screen credit with the legend.

“So I look over and there, and on this little scooter for the scene, is Carol Burnett. I don’t even know how to describe it; according to others who were there, I got watery eyes and stepped away from what was happening. I kinda blacked out in disbelief, in a way, O’Heir told the New York Post. “They introduced me and she was so gracious; and [Burnett] told me a Clark Gable story about a party. My brain was spinning.”

Despite his success and high-profile projects, meeting Burnett was a milestone for O’Heir. “I’ve worked a lot and met a lot of amazing people but there are certain people who are above and beyond for me, and she’s at the top of the heap,” he said. “We kind of hit it off, and that makes me more excited than anything. It was personal and it touched my heart.”