Cary Grant Biopic Announced: Here’s Who Will Portray the Hollywood Icon

by Tia Bailey

Cary Grant was a classic movie legend. So much so, that an upcoming biopic about the star has been announced. Here are all the details we have.

The biopic will be a four-part series titled “Archie.” Actor Jason Isaacs (“Harry Potter,” “Peter Pan”) will portray Grant in the series. According to Variety, the drama series will “tell the story of Grant’s life, from his humble beginnings as Archibald Alexander Leach in Bristol, U.K. to the leading man he became in later life.”

Paul Andrew Williams directs and John Pope writes the biopic series. Additionally, some of Grant’s family, his daughter Jennifer Grant and his ex-wife Dyan Cannon, are to exec produce.

“Jeff’s brilliant scripts bring to life his relentless struggle to escape the demons that plagued him, his obsessive need for control, his fears, his weaknesses, his loves and his losses. It’s the story of a man, not a legend, and those are shoes I can’t wait to walk in,” Isaacs said in a statement.

“There was only one Cary Grant and I’d never be foolish enough to try to step into his iconic shoes. Archie Leach, on the other hand, couldn’t be further from the character he invented to save himself,” he told Deadline in an exclusive interview.

The biopic will be released first in the UK on ITV’s ITVX, then will air on ITV after.

Isaacs tweeted about the announcement, saying: “There was and only ever will be one Cary Grant. I can’t wait to play Archie Leach, though, who struggled to play Cary Grant himself. A fascinating, complicated, haunted man who was much, much more beautiful than me (thanks Twitter!). Here goes something”.

Jason Isaacs to Portray Hollywood Icon Cary Grant in Biopic

Fans were happy and supportive to hear this news. One Twitter user responded: “Just remember that he was a funny and smart man, who didn’t think that he was good looking when he definitely was. Also not a shread of narcissism in him. There’s a lot of similarities between the two of you. Have fun with this project, Jason.”

Another fan responded: “The same way there will always be just one Jason Isaacs…! Congratulazioni, Jason, wow! You’ll do an amazing work, we know!! Enjoy the creative process”.

The replies were flooded with more support, and many people saying he will be perfect for the role.

ITV Head of Drama Polly Hill also gave a statement to Deadline about the film, saying: “Jeff’s scripts beautifully tell the story of Archie, the Bristol boy who was abandoned by his father and ran away to Hollywood, where remarkably he transformed and became Cary Grant.”

There is no set release date for the biopic yet, but fans are excited to see Isaac’s portrayal of Grant.