‘Cheers’ Star Shelley Long Is Nearly Unrecognizable in Rare Photo

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Fans of actress Shelley Long were treated to some rare photos of her and, well, she does not look like her character from Cheers. On that show, Long played Diane Chambers opposite Ted Danson. Long even had a solid turn on the Ed O’Neill-Sofia Vergara sitcom Modern Family. Yet those roles offered up one view of Long. These latest photos offer quite a different look at the actress.

According to the New York Post, Long, 73, happened to be out for a pet walk on Wednesday. She was giving her pet Chihuahua some fresh air. Yet apparently, if you didn’t really look closely, then you might not recognize the woman as being Long. The Emmy winner was out strolling around in a pink turtleneck. She also was wearing a black vest, gray sweatpants, sneakers, and a baseball hat.

Shelley Long Played Carol Brady In ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’

Long does not make too many public appearances these days. But this one would come close to a very important day in her career. Back on September 30, the 40th anniversary of Cheers premiering on NBC took place. Long would win an Emmy Award for lead actress in 1983 and two Golden Globes as well. All of them were for playing Diane. Some other fans of her work may remember her playing Carol Brady in the 1995 movie The Brady Bunch Movie. Long also would play Carol, the role made famous by Florence Henderson, in a 1996 sequel.

Long later went on to play Carol Brady in 1995’s The Brady Bunch Movie and its sequel the following year. But life has not always been easy for Long. She reportedly has struggled with substance abuse. In 2004, Long is said to have overdosed on painkillers in an apparent suicide attempt. One friend told the Sun at that time, “It’s very sad to see this woman, who is only 55, looking like she’s turning 90.” Family and friends said at that time, too, they could barely recognize Long. But she did have that role in Modern Family. Her latest project is called Give Me Pity! and she plays “baby dog.” Last year, Long happened to also star in a Luke Wilson flick titled The Cleaner.

While Cheers obviously is a part of Long’s career, Danson would stay with the show a lot longer than her. In fact, the Sam Malone actor would stay on there for the show’s entire run. Sam and Diane were quite the couple back in the day. People still watch the show in reruns and get a kick out of all the antics around the bar. Shelley Long, though, remains beloved from her time on the show as well.