‘Cheers’ Star Ted Danson Calls Hearing Aids ‘Brilliant’, Explains Hilarious New Ability

by Taylor Cunningham

Cheers star Ted Danson was recently outfitted with a pair of hearing aids. And upon listening to the world at a louder decibel, he realized that his “breaking wind” isn’t as silent as he once thought.

And by breaking wind, we do mean farting. Danson is a fan of letting them loose in public, thanks to some inspiring advice from a psychologist. But he doesn’t want the people around him to know that he is the perpetrator. However, up until recently, he wasn’t as stealthy as he believed.

As the actor told Kelly Clarkson, he used to mortify his wife, actress Mary Steenburgen, when he’d cut the cheese in public sans hearing aids. And now, he understands why.

“Mary would say ‘Ted! People can hear you!’ and I go ‘come on, they can’t hear me, of course not!’” shared Danson. “But the first time I went off and I had them in I said ‘Oh my God, I’m so sorry!'”

However, Danson got over the humiliation quickly. Because as he admits, “if you can’t have fun with a fart in a relationship…I feel sorry for people.”

And the actor learned to appreciate the value of flatulence from a wise psychologist after graduating from Carnegie Mellon. He said that he and a group of friends used to all see the same therapist, and one of those friends was high strung. So the psychologist literally told him to cut loose.

“You’re too uptight. You should be farting like a jackrabbit,” he suggested. And Danson still takes the wisdom to heart.

Luckily, the actor doesn’t take it as far as “crop dusting people on stage.” But he did share that Woody Harrelson certainly does.

Ted Danson Claims His ‘Cheers’ Co-Star used to ‘Crop Dust’ Him on Set

When Ted Danson and Woody Harrellson used to work together on the set of Cheers, Harrellson would get a kick out of tricking Danson into stepping right into the line of fire. And as Danson admitted to Clarkson, telling the story was his once chance of getting Harrellson back.

“He would stand next to me and engage me and he was a very cool guy. And he would say, Ted, I really want your opinion on something. I’d be touched, and I’d move in closer to hear it and give it my best shot. And he would just be looking at my eyes like a murderer waiting for it to rise—and see the horror and dismay on my face.”

While being obviously amused, Clarkson laughed, “that’s horrible to do to someone, especially when they breathe it in. And they’re like, ‘I just ate it.'” And both Clarkson and Danson agreed, Harrellson’s flavor was especially putrid because he was and is a vegetarian.

But in the end, Danson wasn’t too mad about the attacks. Instead, he shared Clarkson’s sentiment that “farting is funny.” And no matter what people claim, “everyone does it.”