Chris Evans Has Major Request for Buzz Lightyear Following Tim Allen Casting Controversy

by Craig Garrett

Chris Evans is hopeful that Disney theme parks are willing to add another Buzz Lightyear ride featuring his version of the character. Evans voices Buzz in Lightyear, released last month. The Captain America star was over the moon about the idea of a theme park ride based on his take on Buzz. “Oh my God, I would love it if they came up with a ride! I would love it,” Evans told The Wrap. “That’s the dream. I don’t know, if there was any sort of theme park connection to this I’d be thrilled.”

Of course, there’s already a Disney ride based on Tim Allen’s iconic version of Buzz Lightyear. “Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin” has been a part of Magic Kingdom since 1998. It’s an interactive shooting dark ride in the Tomorrowland section of the theme park. A version of the ride is in most of Disney’s worldwide theme park attractions.

It seems like the role of a theme ride for Buzz is already taken. However, In the eyes of Keke Palmer, however, that isn’t a deterrent. Palmer stars alongside Evans in Lightyear. She voices the character Izzy Hawthorne. “I’m into a Lightyear ride, we already got our Buzz ride in Disneyland, my thing is I want a food place. Give me the meat sandwich,” Palmer quipped. “I love a ride, but I would also really like to have a deli next door that serves the meat sandwiches.”

Lightyear has underperformed at the Box Office

However, given Lightyear‘s box office performance, a theme park attraction seems unlikely. The most recent release from Pixar, Lightyear, is the first since COVID-19 to hit theaters. Despite this, people are not rushing to see this Toy Story spin-off. 

Lightyear’s worldwide opening gross doesn’t come close to the previous Pixar efforts. The Incredibles 2 had a landmark worldwide opening of 180 million in 2018. Lightyear underperformed, earning only 51 million on its opening weekend. That was 20 million below the expectation of 70 million experts estimated.

Many Toy Story fans attribute the film’s lackluster box office to one thing. Recasting the voice of Buzz with Chris Evans, rather than sticking with Tim Allen. The Home Improvement Star had voiced the character since 1995’s Toy Story. Allen has gone on to play the role over ten times across other films, shorts, and tv specials. For many Disney fans, Tim Allen is Buzz Lightyear.

Even Allen’s Toy Story co-star, Tom Hanks was confused by the casting choice. “How about that?,” Hanks told Cinemablend. Hanks was looking forward to his new Elvis film going up against Allen’s Buzz Lightyear. “I actually wanted to go head-to-head with Tim Allen and then they didn’t let Tim Allen do it. I don’t understand that.”