Chris Pratt Honestly Says If He Could ‘Hang ‘ With Navy SEALS During Real-Life Training

by Alex Falls

Chris Pratt’s latest TV show, The Terminal List, has hit Amazon Prime. All eight episodes are available to stream now and critics have noted Pratt’s dedication to the role comes off well on screen.

Pratt desired to make the adaptation of the novel of the same name as realistic as possible. Despite being a fictional thriller, Pratt wanted to give viewers an intimate look at what it takes to be a Navy SEAL. Pratt spoke with Yahoo! and described what attracted him to the project and his respect for the United States Armed Forces.

“That was a huge determining factor in choosing to option this book and bring it to the screen,” Pratt said. “It was wildly authentic. I think that’s the main thing people rave about. When they read The Terminal List is ‘Wow, it’s very refreshing to get what is very obviously an authentic point of view into the life of a Navy SEAL commander.’ And that’s Jack Carr and his experience with combat deployments overseas… But yeah, that was the reason we did it, the authenticity and to honor these men and women.”

Does Chris Pratt Think He Could Hang With the Real-Life SEALs?

Pratt’s time with the project gave him an inside look at the inner workings. He said Navy SEALs must go through a 12-month training program that is described by the Navy as “brutal” on its official site. Then, they must embark on an 18-month pre-deployment training program.

The actors of The Terminal List received actual training previously devised for Navy SEALs. Although, this was merely an introduction to the brutality they face. Pratt said if he had to hang with the real deal SEALs, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

“First of all, anyone who ever answers that question ‘yes’ is a douchebag,” Pratt said. “Even if they kinda believe, maybe in the back of their head. Maybe no, the answer has gotta be ‘No.’ You can’t possibly understand or comprehend what these men go through in just through hell week. Let alone the full BUD/S training. So I severely doubt it.”

The Terminal List is winning over a legion of fans. The show follows Pratt and a platoon commander who loses his team in an ambush. Afterward, his memory of the events becomes unreliable and he must untangle a web of conspiracy to seek revenge for his team members. While Pratt, said the show is authentic, he admits he would never be able to live up to the Navy SEAL standard in real life.

“I think most people don’t have the makeup to get it done,” Pratt said. “I’m blessed to be in a position as an actor and as a producer to be able to share this story onscreen. That’s my journey, but I do it because I have such an affinity for the men who can actually cut it.”