Chris Pratt Reveals How His Family Keeps Him Humble

by Leanne Stahulak

This is the summer of Chris Pratt, considering he’s starring in not one, not two, but three major blockbusters and TV series this season.

But the Hollywood star certainly doesn’t let it go to his head. In fact, he has a young, growing family to keep his head out of the clouds and his feet firmly on the ground.

Chris Pratt sat down with Extra TV earlier this week to talk about his new Amazon Prime series, “The Terminal List,” as well as “Jurassic World: Dominion” and “Thor: Love and Thunder.” The final film in the “Jurassic” trilogy debuted on June 10 and has already earned more than $750 million worldwide. The latest “Thor” movie hits theaters next weekend and is expected to rake in box office numbers. “The Terminal List” airs on Prime this coming Friday, July 1.

So, how does Pratt stay humble while surrounded by so much success in such a short time?

“Well, you know, we just had a new baby girl born. Eloise,” Chris Pratt said. His wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger gave birth to Eloise on May 21. “And she wakes you up every hour and a half at night.

“I think kids have that effect,” Pratt continued, talking about staying humble. “She wakes me up and I’m like, ‘Hey, Jurassic World just opened, and no, you don’t care. Okay, cool. We’re gonna get you in bed, we’re gonna change that diaper. All right, it’s fine.’ Kids don’t seem to care that it is a big week for us.”

Luckily, Pratt hasn’t had too many late nights as he focuses on the couple’s older daughter, Lyla, who’s almost two years old.

“I’ve kind of become more in charge of our oldest daughter sleeping through the night while Katherine is focusing on our youngest daughter,” Chris Pratt explained. “So Lyla, for the most part, does very well. So I’m pretty blessed. I’ve been able to get some pretty good sleep.”

Chris Pratt Opens Up About Repsosnbility Of Portraying Navy SEAL in ‘The Terminal List’

During his conversation with Extra TV, Chris Pratt also opened up about his new show, “The Terminal List,” which hits Prime this Friday. In the show, Pratt portrays a Navy SEAL struggling with PTSD after his entire platoon dies in an ambush. The actor wanted to make sure he did justice to “the brotherhood” of the organization.

“Our goal really was for them [Navy SEALS] to be able to watch this and go, ‘Wow, Hollywood finally got one right, you know?” Pratt told the interviewer.

War-themed media has done well with audiences for decades. From “Saving Private Ryan” to “Apocalypse Now” to “Band of Brothers” to “Black Hawk Down.” Perhaps “The Terminal List” will become another legend, especially if it resonates with active military members.