Chris Pratt Posts Pics From Working on His Ranch

by Megan Molseed

Jurrasic World: Dominion star Chris Pratt is loving the ranch life these days. And, this is right where he wants to be, the actor says in a recent Instagram post. After all, it’s important to take the time to do what makes you happy and to be “where the heart is,” the star says in his Insta message.

Recently, Chris Pratt and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger left the Hollywood life for the country life on the couple’s Stillwater Ranch. And, while the couple does certainly continue with their ties in Hollywood – and the industry – they are loving life in their home on Stillwater Ranch. And, their passion for the country becomes abundantly clear when one takes a peek at a recent Insta post made by the TV and film star.

In the post, Chris Pratt sits atop a red tractor that is sitting in a field. The entire area looks undoubtedly peaceful with the first pic depicting a blue sky above and a line of trees filling the background behind Pratt as he smiles for the camera.

“Wherever your mind goes when it wanders, that is where your heart is,” Chris Pratt says in his Instagram post.

“Today, mine is at #StillwaterRanch,” the star adds.

Chris Pratt clearly doesn’t shy from hard work and has no problems getting his hands dirty. The pic included in the Instagram post features the star as he dons a pair of Carhart denim overalls, a baseball cap, and some comfortable boots.

Did Chris Pratt Choose The Country Life, Or Did The Country Life Choose Him?

In the next pic, we see that Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are embracing the entirety of ranch life, even baking their own pies. It’s hard to tell what kind of pie it is that is cooking on the rack. However, it’s easy to tell what the baker wants to be doing as written in the dough is the word “fishing”.

The Instagram post also features two quick videos of some of the farm’s animals. The first clip shows Pratt hard at work with his sheep as he caries one out of the pen…all while stepping around the others who are not readily stepping out of the actor’s way!

Next, Pratt’s Insta post highlights some much smaller sheep as some little ones climb over bales of hay, playing around as they try to avoid slipping off the top. The Passengers star also includes some pics of the farm’s cows. One of the pics shows the bovines as they chill in the Stillwater Ranch’s field and the other pic features the farm animals as they walk down a path on the ranch’s property.