Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox Set Social Media Ablaze With Major Announcement

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox have been busy on social media lately when it comes to their classic movie Back to the Future. So, are we getting a new movie to add to the franchise? Man, that would be sweet. But fans know that Fox has been dealing with Parkinson’s disease very bravely. It looks like a movie will not be coming. Is this major announcement about the movie at all? Well, there’s a tie-in to the movie. A web shop dedicated to Back to the Future will be opening up.

As of this moment, there is nothing available for purchase. Reportedly, some fans might be on the lookout for some movie-related NFTs that could be coming along. Look for items related to the famed movie in this store. We don’t have specific items at this time to share with you. Fans know that back in 1985, Back to the Future hit movie screens and we got the first look at Marty McFly along with Doc.

Christopher Lloyd Recalled When Film’s Success Hit Him

If you are interested in getting updates about the shop, then go right here and put your email address in the spot. Alerts probably will hit your “in” box as items become available.

Recently, we did see both of these stars gather together at the New York Comic Con event. It was quite a heartfelt moment when Fox first comes out to a roaring crowd. He’s soon followed out by Lloyd, who comes out and warmly embraces Fox. As we said, Fox deals with Parkinson’s in a very open, authentic way. Upon seeing Fox on stage, one fan commented on the actor’s ability to show up as himself. He still makes people smile and laugh with his own take and thoughts.

Lloyd, in another interview, also talked about the moment that the film’s success hit him. “You know, three or four or five years, it sank in that this just doesn’t stop [laughs],” Lloyd told GQ in an interview. “I mean, kids who saw it when the film first came out, grew up and had kids who they began their lives with. And so many people have come up to me and say how I made their childhood or the film made their childhood, or they became engineers or scientists or surgeons or whatever, from the effect of the film on them. And nothing else I’ve done has had that kind of impact.”

Back to the Future also starred Lea Thompson in an iconic role. We will have to wait and see if this store opening up has items dedicated to all the actors or not. But we imagine it will be a popular place to go and purchase movie memorabilia.