Chuck Norris Says He Hopes To Remake ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’

by Alex Falls

Few have enjoyed the kind of career Chuck Norris has. His rugged good looks and tough demeanor have created an iconic figure in American pop culture.

Perhaps his most famous TV role of all, as Cordell Walker in Walker, Texas Ranger, is still fondly remembered more than twenty years since its final episode aired. In an interview with Brobible, Norris named which of his characters he’d like to see get the remake treatment from Hollywood. Naturally, the Texas Ranger first came to his mind.

“I enjoyed all of my movies and my TV series, [but] Walker, Texas Ranger,” Norris said regarding which character he’d like to revisit. “Instead of a remake, I’d love to come back and do a follow-up to any one of those.”

During his interview, Norris looked back on another one of his defining contributions to Hollywood: Chuck Norris Facts. The playful factoids helped usher in Internet culture as we now know it. They influenced an entire generation who were too young to have grown up on Walker, Texas Ranger. Norris reflected on the impact these “facts” about him brought to the world.

“When the Chuck Norris Facts started in 2006, I was sent three of them and thought they were pretty funny. Like the one where they wanted to put Chuck Norris on Mt. Rushmore. But the granite wasn’t tough enough for my beard,” Norris said. “I thought they’d only last a few months. Little did I know that they’d take off like wildfire. Starting with the college students, then to the high school and middle school kids. Then the military picked them up and they took off around the world will millions of ‘facts’ being shared.”

What’s Next for Chuck Norris?

When Chuck Norris isn’t acting in classic TV shows or in big-time action films like The Expendables, he stays plenty busy with business endeavors. In 1997, he famously starred in one of the most iconic infomercials of all time for the Total Home Gym.

In 2015, he launched CForce Water, which “doesn’t flow from the ground. It bursts from an artesian aquifer with the same unharnessed power and intensity you’d expect from Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kick,” as described by the official website.

His next business venture is Roundhouse Provisions: an emergency food supply kit inspired by his passion for survivalism. The kits are meant to last up to 25 years for any occasion where a tasty meal is needed in rough conditions.

“I’ve always taken preparedness very seriously, especially when it comes to taking care of my family,” Norris said. “After seeing what so many people went through, I knew I wanted to find a way to help them be prepared in the future. When a disaster like that could strike again anywhere at any time.”