Chuck Norris Rolls Out Emergency Survival Kit: ‘Always Been Serious About My Own Preparedness’

by Craig Garrett

Chuck Norris wants to you to be prepared for any emergency, and has provided a handy survival kit to help out with that. Norris has been an action star for decades. Though he’s starred in many films, he’s perhaps most well known for playing Walker, Texas Ranger. That iconic classic tv show ran for 9 seasons from 1993 to 2001. Though Walker was recently rebooted with Jared Padelecki in the title role, Norris has been busy. He’s been a pitchman sine the 90s and is still going strong. This career detour began with the popular Total Home Gym informercials. Next, Norris launched his own successful line of bottled water called GFORCE in 2015. Currently, Chuck is getting into the home preparedness business. The accomplished martial artist is now the spokesman for Roundhouse Provisions, an emergency food supply brand.

Chuck Norris elaborated on the kit recently with Rolling Stone. “I’ve always been serious about my own preparedness and making sure I can take care of my family under any circumstances,” Norris told Rolling Stone. However, a recent natural disaster opened his eyes about the necessity of emergency preparedness.
“But I decided to look beyond just protecting my loved ones after that big ice storm in February of 2021,” he went on. “Seeing what [people had] gone through and knowing that a disaster like that could strike anywhere at any time, I decided to use my position to help make sure other families stay ready, prepared, and safe.”

Chuck Norris knows a lot of marital arts movies, but the Roundhouse was the right choice

There are an immeasurable amount of martial arts moves that Chuck Norris has mastered. So of all these moves to pick from, why did they go with Roundhouse Provisions? The Expendables 2 star explained. “A roundhouse kick is one of the most powerful, effective strikes the human body can deliver. In our case, it also refers to a well-rounded home — one that is safe, secure, and prepared,” he said.

The meals have a 25 year shelf life, and require some heat and water to prepare. Though Chuck Norris is known for playing tough guys, the buckets offer up flair beyond the expected gruel. The kit includes an impressive variety, like Spicy Habanero Chili and Southwest Enchiladas. The Tex-Mex offerings make sense, considering Norris is a native of Texas. Norris is pleased that disaster preparedness has gone mainstream. “…now that we know what it looks like to have totally bare shelves in our grocery stores, and people lining up around the block just to get some toilet paper, I don’t think anyone can look me in the eye and say it’s a bad idea to have extra food in your home,” he said.