Clint Eastwood’s Daughter Speaks Out About Growing Up Away From Hollywood: ‘It Was a Very Magical Upbringing’

by Alex Falls

Alison Eastwood grew up watching her father on the big screen. Her Dad, Clint Eastwood, is one of the most recognizable figures in all of Hollywood. Allison briefly followed in her father’s footsteps and spent time in the world of acting.

Eventually, she found her way to her true passion: helping animals. In 2012, she founded Eastwood Ranch Foundation which aims to reduce pet overpopulation and increase adoptions through spay/neuter programs, rescue partnerships, and local education.

When Allison isn’t working with animals at her foundation, she’s getting to spend more time than ever with her father. The legendary actor is spending much of his golden years with his family.

Recently, Alison sat down for an interview with Fox News to discuss what it was like growing up with a famous father away from the scene of Hollywood.

Allison Eastwood’s Magical Upbringing

Allison said it wasn’t until she was 7 or 8 years old that she recognized her father was different from most dads. She would see movie posters with his face, but no other dads she knew had posters. She got the chance to grow up in a small town environment instead of the glitz of Hollywood, but her father was famous enough to draw attention anywhere.

“I grew up in Carmel, which is a pretty small, sleepy town in California,” Allison said. “We would have family dinners and people would approach him during our family time to shake hands, and get an autograph or a photo. It really annoyed my dad, but that’s the price of being famous.”

Allison said being in a famous family meant not getting a lot of boundaries from fans in public. Even in a small town, lots of people wanted to come up to her father to say hello.

“I remember as a kid that we wouldn’t get a lot of uninterrupted, quality family time with him in public,” Allison said. “People always wanted to engage with him. I guess that was my real first time noticing that people seemed only interested in him. And of course, seeing his face on the side of buses or buildings. I learned very quickly that other people’s parents weren’t garnering that same kind of attention.”

Allison called Carmel a “beautiful place” and that her parents wanted to get out of Hollywood to raise their kids. Clint became familiar with the area when he was stationed close by while in the army. The Eastwoods loved Los Angeles she said, but they also felt it was important to get out the Hollywood scene.

“I’m glad they did because it was a very magical upbringing,” Allison said. “We lived surrounded by the forest where we had baby deer, raccoons – all sorts of wildlife. And we were right on the ocean. My brother and I would just go outside and enjoy nature. I think that’s why I love animals and nature so much because I grew up in that kind of environment. It’s hard not to appreciate it on a very deep level.”