Clint Eastwood Once Revealed His Favorite Movies Starring Him: Here Are All Six

by Joe Rutland

Everyone who loves Clint Eastwood movies has their own favorites but which ones make the list for the famed movie star and director? All of them cover a lot of ground in Eastwood’s career. These selections have some personal meaning for him, too. They range from music to war to Westerns. He picks them from different eras. But these pictures are all part of the man’s resume and are beloved by you, too.

‘Bird’ Lets Clint Eastwood Share Story of Jazz Legend Charlie Parker

Bird, Letters from Iwo Jima, Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and Unforgiven are his top selections. Let’s start with Bird, the Charlie Parker-focused music movie. Eastwood is a jazz lover and that’s reflected in his comments. “It was a nice story about someone whose musicianship I admired so greatly,” he tells CBS and The Associated Press. “It was a good script on the analysis of the self-destructiveness of personality: people who insist on sinking into the abyss. Success, being idolized by other musicians none of it was enough.”

In 2006, he releases Letters from Iwo Jima as a reflection on World War II. Eastwood said that he came up with the idea to do that movie while working on Flags of Our Fathers. The direction of Iwo Jima takes shape around what it was like being a defender of the island. Also, you, as a soldier, better not plan on getting back home. “What a difficult request to make of people,” Clint Eastwood said.

Hilary Swank Stars As Boxer Opposite Eastwood in ‘Million Dollar Baby’

Million Dollar Baby stars Hilary Swank with Eastwood playing her boxing trainer. What does he find alluring? It was about a search between a family and a daughter. The father wants a relationship with his long-lost child. She looks for a dad who wasn’t there for her anymore. Eastwood released Mystic River in 2003 and it’s about childhood friends. Tragedy brings them together inside Boston.

You can find one of his most iconic films on Netflix right now. And it’s not on this list. Back in 1976, Eastwood starred in The Outlaw Josey Wales in his first Western since the Sergio Leone “spaghetti Westerns” he did. Eastwood recalls that the movie came out at a time when the United States was still dealing with Vietnam. Then, in 1992, the actor-director plays a gunslinger getting one last job under his belt in Unforgiven. Eastwood says he loved the script and that it took some time to figure out who are the protagonist and antagonist in the movie. “Even the villains, with the exceptions of the renegade cowboys, had good points to their character and had dreams,” he said.